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Feeding the 5,000

July 25, 2021

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B)

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17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Many people take vacations during the summer, and it seems like the evangelist Mark needs a break, too. Because Mark’s Gospel is the shortest, we take five weeks each summer in Cycle B when we draw on the Gospel of John instead. Notice that last week’s Gospel ended with Jesus teaching a vast crowd. The next verse in Mark begins his account of the miraculous feeding of that multitude. So, our first passage from the sixth chapter of John begins with a similar feeding of a multitude.

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  • God Multiplies What We Surrender to Him
    by Douglas Sousa, STL on Friday, July 16, 2021

    It does not take much to do good, to relieve suffering, or to show love. God wants to do great things in our families, parishes, and communities. He wants to feed the hungry, He wants to console the suffering and He wants to change hardened hearts. But He needs us to help Him.

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  • Opening the Word: The Bread of Life discourse: Part 1
    by Timothy P. O'Malley on Monday, July 19, 2021

    In years when the Church reads the Gospel of Mark, which is the shortest of the Gospels, we spend mid-summer Masses listening to the Bread of Life discourse in the Gospel of John.  John 6, as we will see over the next five weeks (the fourth section from John will not be read this year There's more on this story on oh es vee news dot com.

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