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1- Introduction

2- RCIA & Faith Formation YouTube classes

3- Bible- books, origin, manuscripts, translations (L)

4- Bible books 73 or 66 (L)

5- Bible-Official Roman Catholic Teachings compiled by Felix Just

6- Bible- its divine inspiration (L)

7-Bible- its interpretation (revised)

8- Why the Scripture alone argument is wrong

9- Gospels-Catholic teaching on their origin 10- Jewish and Christian Bibles

11- Historicity of the New Testament (L)

12- The Catholic Bible Study Resources

13- Apostolic Tradition as a source of Catholic theology (L)

14- Sacraments in General (L-12)

15- The sacrament of Baptism (l-12)

16- The Sacrament of Confirmation (L)

17- The sacrament of penance or reconciliation (L)

18- Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist (L)

19- Holy Mass- its origin and theology (L)

20- Holy Mass- objectives and benefits

21- Holy Mass- a short account of the structure (L)

22- Holy Mass- Active participation in the Holy Mass (L)

23- Are we crucifying Christ at each Mass

24- sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick (L)

25 – The sacrament of marriage (L)

26- Marriage annulment- Catholic treaching (L)

27- The Sacrament of Holy Orders (L)

28- Sacramentals in the Catholic Church (L)

29- Catholic Liturgical Year(L)

30- Catholic teaching on prayer (L)

31- Rosary devotion(L)

32- Veneration of Mary & Marian dogmas (L)

33- Why Catholics pray for the dead (L)

34- Catholic devotions as expressions of popular piety (L)

35- Catholic teaching on the use of statues and images in worship

36- Catholic teaching on indulgences (L)

37- The Ten Commandments (L)

39- The six precepts (commandments) of the Church (L)

40- Catholic teaching on abortion (L)

41- Catholic teaching on Divorce (L)

42- Morality of Homosexuality (L)

43- Morality of cohabitation (L)

44- Catholic teaching on contraception (L)

45- Morality of pornography (L)

46-The Apostles Creed & the Nicene Creed (L)

47- Justification by faith hope and charity-L

48-Protestant beliefs and 33,000 denominations (L)

49 – Eastern Rite Catholic Churches (L)

50- Did Jesus Exist (Historicity of Jesus)

51- The history of papacy and the role of Pope in the Catholic Church (L)

52- Papal infallibility (L)

53- Danger of moral realtivism

54- Catholic teaching on conscience (L)

55- Catholic teaching on exorcism (L)

56- Canon Law & canon lawyers

57- Why Rapture theory is wrong and unbiblical (L)

58- Apparitions and private revelations- Catholic teaching (L)

59- Are Catholics born-again and saved

60- Catholic teaching on Creationism and evolution (L)

61- Catholic teaching on one’s eternal salvation (L)

62- Catholic teaching on Bible Prophecy (L)

63- Catholic teaching on devil and devil worship (L)

64- Catholic teaching on the parousia or Christ’s “Second Coming.”

65- Catholic teaching on Heaven and Hell (L-13)

66- Is Atheism- a religion- Jimmy Akin

67- Pope Francis and the three temptations of the church

69- What makes us Catholic

69a- Summary- Homosexuality, Cohabitatiion, Contraception

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My Catholic Life! Series

An easy-to-read & down-to-earth summary of the teachings of our glorious Catholic faith! The My Catholic Life! Series was written as a complete summary of our glorious Catholic faith. The goal of this series is to answer the difficult and deep questions of life in a personal, clear and understandable way by faithfully summarizing the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church. We need to know who we are and what life is all about. We need to know who God is and what He has spoken to us through the ages.  The Lord has entrusted these answers to our Catholic Church and the Church, through the Catechism, has handed it on to you.  Perfect for R.C.I.A. and small group study!


Volume 1 – My Catholic Faith!

 Catholic Beliefs

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Lesson 1 – Coming to Faith 

I Believe… – The Desire for Happiness – Fulfilling that Desire – Coming to Know God – Revelation – God Reveals Himself – God Keeps Speaking – Magisterium – Sacred Scripture – Obedience of Faith

Lesson 2 – God and His Creation

One God – God’s Name – Father  – Almighty – Maker of Heaven and Earth – Creation of Man in the Imago Dei – The Unity of Body and Soul – Male and Female – Original Paradise – The Fall of Man – Of All Things Visible and Invisible

Lesson 3 – The God-Man and His Mother

Professing Faith in a Person – Jesus, Christ, Son & Lord – Through Him All Things Were Made – God Becomes Man – Why He Did It – What He Did – 100/100 – Fully God and Fully Human – God’s Perfect Plan – Mary’s Immaculate Conception  – Mother of God – The Virgin Mother – The Final Outcome

Lesson 4 – God Suffers Death

Jesus Makes Some Enemies – Who is Responsible for His Crucifixion? – The Havoc Caused by Disobedience – Free and Perfect Obedience Untangles Disobedience – A More Philosophical Explanation – The New and Perfect Sacrifice – Jesus is Buried – He Descended into Where?

Lesson 5 – Death Has No Victory!

A Real Historical Event – Resurrection or Brought Back to Life? – A Work of the Trinity – The Veil is Lifted – The Ascension – At the Father’s Right Hand – His Return in Glory…and Grace – A Time of Judgment – Will Cremated Bodies Also Rise?

Lesson 6 – The Holy Spirit

What is the Holy Spirit? – Where Do We Meet the Holy Spirit? – Images of the Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit’s Activity in Salvation History

Lesson 7 – The Church

Some Initial Distinctions – Symbols of the Church – A Bit of Historical Perspective – The Mystery of the Church – Marks of the Church: One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic – The Hierarchy and the Pope – The Threefold Office to Preach, Shepherd and Sanctify – The Laity – Consecrated Life

Lesson 8 – The Glorious and Final Things!

Communion of Saints: Earth, Heaven and Purgatory – A Sad Note about Hell – The Final Age to Come – Our Blessed Mother: The Queen of All Saints!


Volume 2 – My Catholic Worship!

 Catholic Prayer and Sacraments

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Lesson 9 – The Greatest Act on Earth

The Great Mysterium Fidei – Liturgy 101 – Is the Liturgy Boring? – Who Celebrates the Liturgy? – How the Liturgy is Celebrated – When Do We Celebrate? – Where Do We Celebrate? – Diversity vs. Unity

Lesson 10a – Sacraments: A Personal Encounter

Getting Personal! – Three to Get In: Sacraments of Initiation – Two to Heal: Sacraments of Healing – Two for the Mission: Sacraments of Vocation

Lesson 10b The Sacrament of Baptism

Effects of Baptism – Old Testament Prefigurations – Giving Us This Sacrament – Who Baptizes Whom? – The Celebration of Baptism

Lesson 11 – The Sacrament of Confirmation 

What Scripture Reveals – Effects of Confirmation – Receiving the Sacrament – Signs and Symbols – The Bottom Line is the Upper Limit

Lesson 12 – The Most Holy Eucharist

Essence Challenges our Five Senses – The One Eternal Sacrifice – The Divine Sacrament Made Present – Transforming Communion – The Mass Explained

Lesson 13a – The Sacrament of Penance

The Names of the Sacrament – How I Prepare – Understanding this Glorious Gift – From Interior Repentance to the Grace of the Sacrament – Forgiveness is Not Enough…The Grace of Indulgences

Lesson 13b – The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick 

Scriptural Foundation – The Suffering of Illness – Who Can be Anointed by Whom? – Effects of the Sacrament – How and When it is Offered

Lesson 14 – The Sacrament of Holy Orders 

The Mission of Christ – Entrusting the Mission – The Degrees of Ordination – Fulfilling Christ’s Mission Through Ordination – Some Practical Considerations

Lesson 15 – The Sacrament of Matrimony

God’s Design and Intention for Marriage – The Effect of the Fall – God’s Answer – Christian Marriage in the New Covenant – Matrimonial Consent – A Sacrament or Not – The Domestic Church

Lesson 16a – An Introduction to Prayer

Humility as the Foundation of Prayer – Prayer in the Old Testament – Prayer in the New Testament – Basic Forms of Prayer – The Holy Spirit Teaches Us to Pray – Three Forms of Prayer – Struggles with Prayer

Lesson 16b – The Lord’s Prayer

A Summary of the Whole Gospel – The Foundation of Prayer – The Seven Petitions


Volume 3 – My Catholic Morals!

Catholic Moral Teaching

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Lesson 17 – Who Am I?

I Am an Imago Dei – The Beatitudes – The Effects of Freedom – Making Moral Choices – Good vs. good – Passions, Feelings and Emotions – Conscience – Erroneous Conscience: Am I Guilty? – Growth in Virtue and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit – Sin: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Gravity of Sin

Lesson 18 – The Law, Society, Grace and Salvation

The Moral Law – Who are We? Human Society – The Trinity as the Basis of Society – Common Good – Justification – Grace – Merit – Holiness – From the Speculative to the Practical

Lesson 19 – Loving God

The First Commandment – Our High Calling of Love – The Bottom Line of This Commandment – Graven Images – The Upper Upper Limit! – Practical Applications
The Second Commandment – The Bottom Line: No Swearing Allowed – The Upper Limit: God’s Name is Holy…and so is yours! – Practical Applications
The Third Commandment – The Sabbath Day after the First Creation – Worship in the New Covenant: The Eighth Day of Creation – Rest in the New Covenant: The Eighth Day of Creation – Duties of Society – Practical Considerations

Lesson 20 – Loving Your Family

The Fourth Commandment God’s Plan for Parents – Being a Holy Child – Family Life – The Fourth Commandment and Society – The Role of Civil Authorities – A Summary of the Bottom Line and Upper Limit of the Fourth Commandment – Practical Considerations

Lesson 21 – Murder, Anger, and Human Dignity

The Fifth Commandment – Bottom Line: Do Not Murder – Human Dignity Must Be Respected – When Killing is not Murder – Other “Medical Ethics” Considerations – Other “End of Life” Decisions – The Upper Limit – Practical Considerations

Lesson 22 – Chastity, Purity, Affection and Marital Love

The Sixth Commandment – We are Sexual Beings – The Upper Limit: God’s Plan for Sexuality – The Bottom Line: Abuses of Sexual Love – Practical Considerations

The Ninth Commandment – Purity – Other Considerations – The Bottom Line and the Upper Limit

Lesson 23 – Stealing and Coveting

The Seventh Commandment – Is It Mine or Is It Yours? – The Bottom Line – The Dignity of the Human Person and the Economy – Reaching Out to the Poor – International Considerations
The Tenth Commandment – The Root of the Problem: He Who Has Money Never Has Money Enough – Getting in Order!

Lesson 24 – The Truth Will Set You Free!

The Eighth Commandment The Bottom Line: Offenses Against the Truth – Do I Have a Right to Know? – The Upper Limit: Art, Beauty and the Pursuit of Truth – Practical Considerations Conclusion

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