28th Sunday of Year B

This week’s Introductory video by Larry Broding. Scroll down page to view RCIA discussion questions

This Sunday’s Discussion Questions for RCIA Seekers

By Michael Marchal

Background:  You have to travel light if you want to journey with Jesus. Any teacher loves an eager student, and this young man who runs up and wants to do his best wins Jesus’s love. He seems wholehearted, but things get him off track. He has too much baggage. Our daily responsibilities are where self-sacrificing love is made real, but we still have to keep our eyes fixed on the goal in order to keep our priorities straight.

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you love eagerly?
  2. What gets in the way of that love? What can you do about that?
  3. What was Jesus eager for? What does that teach us?
  4. How would our Church or society change if we were eager like Jesus?

Practice: Get a copy of St. Ignatius Loyola’s Prayer for Generosity, and pray it every day this week, each time thinking of some different part of your life.

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RCIA Discussion Questions


Leaving Things Behind

by Anne Osdieck

Discussion Questions (Gospel)

  1. Are possessions themselves the difficulty, or is it clinging to them? Or is the problem the inner drive to own and accumulate? Can the unbridled desire to possess be a stumbling block to world peace or ecological sustainability? How?
  2. If Jesus is radical, can we respond to him with lukewarmness or calculation? Is everyone invited to follow him?

More Questions (i.e. First and Second Reading)

SOURCE: Sunday Web Site (Saint Louis University)

RCIA Discussion Questions

Word Sunday

The Blessing of Heaven

by Larry Broding

Discussion Questions


Have you prayed for wisdom today? What did you pray for?


How have you joined yourself to Christ on the cross? How does God judge you with Christ on the cross? Away from Christ on the cross? Explain.


What is the greatest need in our society? To what lengths will people seek answers to that need?

What experience do you have of divorce? How has divorce affected the people involved? Has it given you an opportunity to help others grow closer to God? How?

How have your inner yearnings brought you to God? How has he satisfied those yearnings?

How has God shown you his power, turning the impossible to the possible? How will your answer affect your prayer life this week?

RCIA Discussion Questions


Discipleship requires a total commitment

by Rev. Clement D. Thibodeau

Discussion Questions

  1. Discuss the many ways in which our culture is at odds with the values suggested by Jesus for those who would become his disciples. How can we best oppose the principles of society that distract us from Christ’s Gospel? Do we fight a war with modern times? Can we “baptize” the culture in which we live? How much can we accommodate to modern times?
  2. Do you believe that we have watered down the conditions for Christian discipleship because we have found them difficult (impossible!)? What do you think has been changed to make following Christ easier? Which conditions do you think should be restored to their original integrity? Do you want to live like Saint Francis of Assisi?
  3. Describe the witness value of the life of a disciple like Saint Teresa of Calcutta who had chosen to live among and serve the “poorest of the poor.” Even if we do not follow her literally, does she present a value that we need to hear? How can we best live up to her example in the places and times where we are?

RCIA Discussion Questions


Dangers of Material Wealth

by Father Eamon Tobin

Discussion Questions

  1. Turn to the person next to you and share what verse in the Gospel caught your attention. Why? Share the next questions in small groups of 2 or 3 or with the whole group.
  2. The person in the first reading is praying for prudence and wisdom. What is your deepest prayer of petition for yourself? What is your deepest desire?
  3. Attachment to material possessions hampered the rich young man’s relationship with God. What one thing might be blocking you from having a closer relationship with Jesus?
  4. In the last sentence, Jesus promises his followers “a hundred times more now … with persecutions.” Have you experienced the ‘hundred times’ and the ‘persecutions’?
  5. What has kept you a follower? 6. What is the one thing Jesus is saying to us in this Sunday’s Gospel about how a disciple should speak or act? And what do you need to do or change to be a better disciple?

RCIA Discussion Questions


“You Will Have Treasure in Heaven”

by Vince Contreras

Discussion Questions

  1. In the 1st Reading, the writer is asking for wisdom, a gift he knows should be prized above all gifts. What kind of things does God want us to value and ask him for? What kind of things do I ask of God in my prayer time?  I
  2. n light of the 2nd Reading, how do you approach the reading of Scripture or homilies at Mass? Can you think of any occasions when hearing God’s word helped to reveal intentions that had lain buried, perhaps for years? 
  3. In questioning the rich young man’s address to him as “good teacher,” and pointing out that “no one is good but God alone,” is Jesus denying his divinity, or affirming it? Why or why not? 
  4. Jesus quizzes the young man on only a partial list of the 10 Commandments (see Exodus 20). How well might the man obeyed the one’s not mentioned—those relating directly to God? 
  5. Why does Jesus command the man as he does (verse 21; see also Mark 8:34)? What does the man’s response reveal about what was incomplete about his good works? 
  6. What does the disciple’s shock reveal about them? On what basis is it possible for anyone to receive the Kingdom? 
  7. How many possessions do you have? How do they affect your relationship with Jesus? How dismayed are you when he asks you to give them up? Aside from riches, what is the “one thing” (verse 21)—friends, job, lifestyle, free time—that keeps you from completely following Jesus? 
  8. Are you more like the children we read about last week (Mark 10:13-16) or the rich young man in terms of the way you approach God?

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