God’s gift of peace

by Larry Broding at Word-Sunday.com
Used with permission.

Peace is more than a lack of conflict. A lull in action between two opponents only gives them a chance to regroup, to recharge for the next round. A void of violence does not lead to happiness. True peace, on the other hand, gives us happiness, since it is build on trust. The gospel tells us how Jesus gave his followers peace because they trusted him. In spite of skepticism, he offers us the same peace.


Related Questions

  1. When was the last time you truly felt peaceful?
  2. Why does the Christian walk lead through forgiveness to peace? How have you experienced that road?
  3. How does the cynicism of the world affect you? How does faith keep you from cynicism?
  4. How can you offer the peace of Christ to others in your daily life?
Option B

Faith Sharing Questions

by Fr. Eamon Tobin | Ascension Catholic Parish
Used with permission.

  1. Share with the group or person next to you what spoke to you most in the Gospel. With this first question, try to refrain from commenting on what others said. Just share what spoke to you and then move on to the next person.
  2. “The community of believers were of one heart and one mind.” What facilitates this oneness in families and parishes, and what hurts it?
  3. Every saint and good and faithful Christians have been plagued with doubts about their Christian beliefs. Have you ever experienced doubt about your faith? If so, in what way and what helped you deal with your doubts?
  4. Jesus brought shalom, peace and mercy to the disciples. How does your relationship with Jesus bring peace to your life?
  5. In today’s Gospel, Jesus gives his disciples (his church) the power to forgive sins. Over the years has the sacrament of reconciliation played a role in your spiritual life? If so, how?
  6. Name 1 thing today’s Gospel says to us that we disciples of Jesus need to heed/ act on.

Option C

Essay Questions

by Fr. Clement Thibodeau | Echoing God’s Word  (Portland Diocese)
Used with permission.

No questions provided for this week.


Option A

Scripture Study for Catholics

by Vince Contreras
Used with permission.

Overview of the Gospel

Gospel Overview

  • This Sunday’s reading begins on the evening of Easter Sunday and continues one week later—the second Sunday of Easter. Every resurrection appearance of Jesus dated in the gospels occurs on a Sunday. This Sunday is also the celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday, declared by Pope John Paul II on April 30, 2000.
  • Jesus appears to his fearful disciples as they cowered behind locked doors. He bears in his glorified body the scars of his Passion, showing he has the same body he was buried with and is not, as the disciples fear, a ghost (Luke 24:36-40).
  • Jesus reassures them by saying “Peace” (“Shalom’). Jesus breathes on them, imparting the Holy Spirit upon them. This anticipates the gift of the Spirit to be given to the Church 50 days later on Pentecost. It also institutes the sacrament of Penance, by which the apostles are empowered to forgive sins in Jesus’ name.
  • The apostle Thomas is not present at this first appearance and expresses his disbelief. Jesus returns, however, and Thomas has a dramatic change of heart.

  1. The themes of the Second Sunday of Easter are those of faith and divine mercy. In the 1st Reading, how do the Apostles and the early Church display their faith in God?
  2. In the 2nd Reading the ideas of obedience and faith are repeated often. How, in a sense, can these be seen as different aspects of the same thing?
  3. Of who or what are the disciples afraid? Of all the things Jesus must have said, why does St. John record “Peace be with you” three times (verses 19, 21, 26)? How does this relate to their fears? To their being sent (verse 21)?
  4. How does Thomas’ personality compare with Mary Magdalene’s (verse 13)? To the other disciples (verses 9, 19)? How does Jesus deal with Thomas’ doubt (verse 29)?
  5. Under what circumstances are you liable to exclaim, “My Lord and my God!” along with Thomas? How might that prayer become more that a mere formula?
  6. Where could you use Jesus’ “peace” right now: in some relationship? In some inner fear? In your work? What doubts or questions about God are you struggling with? What have you found helpful in dealing with doubts?

Option B

Our Sunday Readings

by Edrianne Ezellv
Used with permission.

PART A: ACTS 4:32-35

  1. In what ways can a community of believers be of one heart and mind?
  2. What all do you imagine the apostles doing?
  3. What might have inspired people to sell property and bring it to the apostles?
  4. How readily do you think people shared their possessions?
  5. How would you have decided how to distribute things?
  6. What impact do you think this behavior had on outsiders?
  7. Would you like to have been part of this community?
  8. To what authorities do you submit? In what ways do you submit to them?

PART B: JOHN 20:19-31

  1. Why are you hiding?
  2. What all are you feeling?
  3. What have you been doing since Jesus was crucified?
  4. What are the other disciples saying and/or doing?
  5. What are you doing when Jesus appears?
  6. How do you react when Jesus appears?
  7. Do Jesus’ words of peace surprise you?
  8. How do you feel when Jesus shares the Spirit with you?
  9. Where is Thomas during all of this?
  10. How do you try to convince Thomas of what has happened?
  11. Why doesn’t Thomas believe you?
  12. How does Thomas react when Jesus appears again?
  13. Do you think you will ever fear or doubt again?
  14. What do you think Jesus and the Father expect of you now?
  15. What does this time of reflection leave you thinking about?

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Gospel Study

Join the community of Saint Timothy Catholic Church in Laguna Niguel, CA for their weekly Bible study every Monday night from 7:30-8:30pm on Zoom to study the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday! Email Matt Zemanek at mzemanek@st-timsrc.org for the link and information on how to join. No prior experience with the Bible is necessary. All are welcome!

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Tuesdays – 8:00pm EST

Catholic Bible Study

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Join Kate & Mike at Catholic Crusade on Tuesdays @ 8pm EST | Join us for our Bible Study livestream every Tuesday. We will read, reflect, and discuss the Gospel reading for the following Sunday’s Mass.


In observance of Holy Week and Easter Week, there will be no live stream Bible Study sessions on Tuesday, March 30th or on Tuesday, April 6th. We will resume our live stream Bible Study on Tuesday, April 12th.


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