Bishop Robert Barron

Planting the law within us

by Bishop Robert Barron . March 18, 2018 .

Jeremiah 31:31 contains the great prophecy that the Lord will one day place his law within our hearts. In the Old Testament, God’s law was written on stone and often appreciated as an imposition, a burden. But Jesus is the Law incarnate, the Torah made flesh. Therefore, when we eat his body and drink his blood, we take the law into our hearts, and thus we realize the prophecy of Jeremiah.

The hour has come

by Bishop Robert Barron . April 6, 2003

As we approach the Passion, the celebration of Jesus’ death, we’re called to a new life, a new glory, and a new way of being. We allow our lives to break open so they become a new source of life for others.

Catholic Bible Study

Are you ready for Easter? It will soon be here

This is a Catholic Bible study for the 5th Sunday in Lent. The days are coming for our Lord to come. Are we ready for this tremendous gift? Jesus wants to fill us with His wondrous gifts. Are you ready for Easter? It will soon be here!

Fr. Andrew Ricci

From death to new life

Only after the grain of wheat dies can new life begin; this process from death to life shapes both our physical and spiritual lives.  What doesn’t belong in our hearts?  What needs to “die” so that Jesus Christ can raise up new life within us?  The Lord offers the grace…may we walk with Him from death to new life.

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