“Hesed” all the way through

The Divine Love is the great theme of the Bible, but one of the mistakes we can make is to project onto God our way of being. God’s love is unconditional, not fickle and vacillating. His love is hesed, which means “tender mercy.” This love is visible, par excellence, in the Incarnation.


Reading the signs of the times

How do we know what’s going on? How do we read the signs of the times? We could do so politically, sociologically, culturally, or economically. But the Bible insists that the world should be read theologically. What precisely is God doing and why? This sermon is about how to do this.


God’s cleansing anger

God sometimes expresses his anger at his people Israel. This is not an emotional snit into which God falls; rather, it is a way of expressing his passion to set things right. So God permits the destruction of the Temple and the carrying off of Israel into exile in order to purify and cleanse. When catastrophe befalls us, we should trust in the strange providence of God. God is always about the business of enhancing life.


The God of the nations

Though the Enlightenment taught us to privatize and interiorize our religion, the Bible has a robustly “political” sense of God’s activity. God’s will is revealed in the movements and struggles of the nations. National sin (like personal sin) results in divine judgment. This deeply Biblical intuition is revealed in Lincoln’s reading of the Civil War and in Karl Barth’s interpretation of the First World War.

Bible Study

Catholic Bible Study

This is a Catholic Bible study for the 4th Sunday in Lent. We have made it to the middle of the Lenten Season and so we REJOICE by celebrating Laetare Sunday. May the Lord fill your souls with His peace and joy.


Fr. Andrew Ricci

The love of Jesus is a light that shines in the darkness of our world.  As we draw near to Christ we open our hearts and allow his love to fill and flow through our lives.

Fr. Craig Giera

Fr Guy de Gaynesford

Dominican Sisters

Sunday Gospel Podcasts

A small community of Dominican Sisters based in the Portsmouth Diocese, UK. They offer a free commentary on the Sunday Gospel every week, according to the 4 senses of Scripture.

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