Cleansing the temple

The Temple, for Old Testament Jews, was everything. But St. Paul, who lived for many years in Jerusalem and knew the rituals of the Temple very well, told the Corinthians that their bodies were temples of the Holy Spirit. The account of Jesus cleansing the Temple in this week’s Gospel, brought together with Paul’s insight, provides us with a wonderful Lenten meditation. Let Jesus swing that whip of cords around the temple of your body; it’s time for a spring cleaning of the soul!


The Ten Commandments

Although most of our parents’s generation knew the Ten Commandments by heart, few Christians today can recite them. The liturgy today invites us to refocus on these timeless commands, which provide a path to a flourishing moral life.


The Ten Commandments

Scott Hahn refers to these famous laws as ‘our declaration of dependence.’ They teach us how to center our lives radically around God and his demands. They signal our total dependence upon the Lord. How wonderful that we meditate on them in the midst of Lent.


Zeal for your house consumes me

In cleansing the temple and announcing its destruction, Jesus shows that he himself is the new temple, the authentic dwelling place of God on earth. In the measure that we are grafted onto him, we too become temples of the Holy Spirit.

Bible Study

Catholic Bible Study

This is a Catholic Bible study for the 3rd Sunday in Lent. The Ten Commandments are either a Road to Life or are just some “good suggestions”. Which are they to you? What are you looking for in life?


Fr. Andrew Ricci

Jesus cleanses the Temple and offers the sign of his resurrection.  As we continue through this season of Lent, may we cleanse what does not belong in our hearts and call upon the Lord for the strength we need to live each day as a precious gift from God.

Fr. Craig Giera

Fr Guy de Gaynesford

Dominican Sisters

Sunday Gospel Podcasts

A small community of Dominican Sisters based in the Portsmouth Diocese, UK. They offer a free commentary on the Sunday Gospel every week, according to the 4 senses of Scripture.

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