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25th Sunday of Year B


Gospel Parallels

This week’s parallel Gospel is highlighted in red. Horizontal scroll available on smaller screens. Click on headings labels to sort.

Event Type Matthew Mark Luke John
1 Pre-existence of Christ misc John 01:01โ€“18
2 Genealogy of Jesus nativity Matthew 01:01โ€“17 Luke 03:23โ€“38
3 Birth of John the Baptist nativity Luke 01:05โ€“25
4 Annunciation nativity Luke 01:26โ€“38
5 Visitation of Mary nativity Luke 01:39โ€“56
6 Birth of Jesus nativity Matthew 01:18โ€“25 Luke 02:01โ€“07
7 Annunciation to the shepherds nativity Luke 02:08โ€“15
8 Adoration of the shepherds nativity Luke 02:16โ€“20
9 Circumcision of Jesus nativity Luke 02:21
10 Infant Jesus at the Temple nativity Luke 02:22โ€“38
11 Star of Bethlehem nativity Matthew 02:01โ€“02
12 Visit of the Magi nativity Matthew 02:01โ€“12
13 Flight into Egypt nativity Matthew 02:13โ€“15
14 Massacre of the Innocents nativity Matthew 02:16โ€“18
15 Herod the Great‘s death misc Matthew 02:19โ€“20
16 Return of the family of Jesus to Nazareth youth Matthew 02:21โ€“23 Luke 02:39โ€“39
17 Finding Jesus in the Temple youth Luke 02:41โ€“51
18 Ministry of John the Baptist misc Matthew 03:01โ€“12 Mark 01:01โ€“08 Luke 03:01โ€“20 John 01:19โ€“34
19 Baptism of Jesus misc Matthew 03:13โ€“17 Mark 01:09โ€“11 Luke 03:21โ€“22 John 01:29โ€“39
20 Temptation of Jesus misc Matthew 04:01โ€“11 Mark 01:12โ€“13 Luke 04:01โ€“13
21 Marriage at Cana miracle John 02:01โ€“11
22 First Temple Cleansing ministry John 02:13โ€“25
23 Jesus & Nicodemus ministry John 03:01โ€“21
24 Return of Jesus to Galilee ministry Matthew 04:12โ€“12 Mark 01:14โ€“14 John 04:01โ€“03
25 Exorcism at the Synagogue in Capernaum miracle Mark 01:21โ€“28 Luke 04:31โ€“37
26 The Growing Seed parable Mark 04:26โ€“29
27 Rejection of Jesus ministry Matthew 13:53โ€“58 Mark 06:01โ€“06 Luke 04:16โ€“30
28 First disciples of Jesus ministry Matthew 04:18โ€“22 Mark 01:16โ€“20 Luke 05:1-11 John 01:35โ€“51
29 Miraculous draught of fishes miracle Luke 05:01โ€“11
30 Beatitudes sermon Matthew 05:02โ€“12 Luke 06:20โ€“23
31 Young Man from Nain miracle Luke 07:11โ€“17
32 The Two Debtors parable Luke 07:41โ€“43
33 The Lamp under a Bushel parable Matthew 05:14โ€“15 Mark 04:21โ€“25 Luke 08:16โ€“18
34 Expounding of the Law sermon Matthew 05:17โ€“48 Luke 06:29โ€“42
35 Seventy Disciples ministry Luke 10:01โ€“24
36 Discourse on ostentation sermon Matthew 06:01โ€“18
37 Parable of the Good Samaritan parable Luke 10:30โ€“37
38 Jesus at the home of Martha and Mary ministry Luke 10:38โ€“42
39 The Lord’s Prayer ministry Matthew 06:09โ€“13 Luke 11:02โ€“04
40 The Friend at Night parable Luke 11:05โ€“08
41 The Rich Fool parable Luke 12:16โ€“21
42 Samaritan Woman at the Well ministry John 04:04โ€“26
43 The Birds of Heaven ministry Matthew 06:25โ€“34 Luke 12:22โ€“34
44 Discourse on judging sermon Matthew 07:01โ€“05 Luke 06:41โ€“42
45 Discourse on holiness sermon Matthew 07:13โ€“27
46 The Test of a Good Person sermon Matthew 07:15โ€“20 Luke 06:43-45
47 The Wise and the Foolish Builders parable Matthew 07:24โ€“27 Luke 06:46โ€“49
48 Cleansing a leper miracle Matthew 08:01โ€“04 Mark 01:40โ€“45 Luke 05:12โ€“16
49 The Centurion’s Servant miracle Matthew 08:05โ€“13 Luke 07:01โ€“10 John 04:46โ€“54
50 Healing the mother of Peter’s wife miracle Matthew 08:14โ€“17 Mark 01:29โ€“34 Luke 04:38โ€“41
51 Exorcising at sunset miracle Matthew 08:16โ€“17 Mark 01:32โ€“34 Luke 04:40โ€“41
52 Calming the storm miracle Matthew 08:23โ€“27 Mark 04:35โ€“41 Luke 08:22โ€“25
53 Gerasenes demonic miracle Matthew 08:28โ€“34 Mark 05:01โ€“20 Luke 08:26โ€“39
54 Paralytic at Capernaum miracle Matthew 09:01โ€“08 Mark 02:01โ€“12 Luke 05:17โ€“26
55 Calling of Matthew ministry Matthew 09:09 Mark 02:13โ€“14 Luke 05:27โ€“28
56 New Wine into Old Wineskins parable Matthew 09:17โ€“17 Mark 02:22โ€“22 Luke 05:37โ€“39
57 Daughter of Jairus miracle Matthew 09:18โ€“26 Mark 05:21โ€“43 Luke 08:40โ€“56
58 The Bleeding Woman miracle Matthew 09:20โ€“22 Mark 05:24โ€“34 Luke 08:43โ€“48
59 Two Blind Men at Galilee miracle Matthew 09:27โ€“31
60 Exorcising a mute miracle Matthew 09:32โ€“34
61 Commissioning the twelve Apostles ministry Matthew 10:02โ€“04 Mark 03:13โ€“19 Luke 06:12โ€“16
62 Not peace, but a sword ministry Matthew 10:34โ€“36 Luke 12:49โ€“53
63 Messengers from John the Baptist ministry Matthew 11:02โ€“06 Luke 07:18โ€“23
64 Paralytic at Bethesda miracle John 05:01โ€“18
65 Lord of the Sabbath ministry Matthew 12:01โ€“08 Mark 02:23โ€“28 Luke 06:01โ€“05
66 Man with withered Hand miracle Matthew 12:09โ€“13 Mark 03:01โ€“06 Luke 06:06โ€“11
67 Exorcising the blind and mute man miracle Matthew 12:22โ€“28 Mark 03:20โ€“30 Luke 11:14โ€“23
68 Parable of the strong man parable Matthew 12:29โ€“29 Mark 03:27โ€“27 Luke 11:21โ€“22
69 Eternal sin ministry Matthew 12:30โ€“32 Mark 03:28โ€“29 Luke 12:08โ€“10
70 Jesus’ True Relatives ministry Matthew 12:46โ€“50 Mark 03:31โ€“35 Luke 08:19โ€“21
71 Parable of the Sower parable Matthew 13:03โ€“09 Mark 04:03โ€“09 Luke 08:05โ€“08
72 The Tares parable Matthew 13:24โ€“30
73 The Barren Fig Tree parable Luke 13:06โ€“09
74 An Infirm Woman miracle Luke 13:10โ€“17
75 Parable of the Mustard Seed parable Matthew 13:31โ€“32 Mark 04:30โ€“32 Luke 13:18โ€“19
76 The Leaven parable Matthew 13:33โ€“33 Luke 13:20โ€“21
77 Parable of the Pearl parable Matthew 13:44โ€“46
78 Drawing in the Net parable Matthew 13:47โ€“50
79 The Hidden Treasure parable Matthew 13:52โ€“52
80 Beheading of John the Baptist ministry Matthew 14:06โ€“12 Mark 06:21โ€“29 Luke 09:07โ€“09
81 Feeding the 5000 miracle Matthew 14:13โ€“21 Mark 06:31โ€“44 Luke 09:10โ€“17 John 06:05โ€“15
82 Jesus’ walk on water miracle Matthew 14:22โ€“33 Mark 06:45โ€“52 John 06:16โ€“21
83 Healing in Gennesaret miracle Matthew 14:34โ€“36 Mark 06:53โ€“56
84 Discourse on Defilement sermon Matthew 15:01โ€“11 Mark 07:01โ€“23
85 Canaanite woman’s daughter miracle Matthew 15:21โ€“28 Mark 07:24โ€“30
86 Deaf mute of Decapolis miracle Mark 07:31โ€“37
87 Feeding the 4000 miracle Matthew 15:32โ€“39 Mark 08:01โ€“09
88 Blind Man of Bethsaida miracle Mark 08:22โ€“26
89 Confession of Peter ministry Matthew 16:13โ€“20 Mark 08:27โ€“30 Luke 09:18โ€“21
90 Transfiguration of Jesus miracle Matthew 17:01โ€“13 Mark 09:02โ€“13 Luke 09:28โ€“36
91 Boy possessed by a demon miracle Matthew 17:14โ€“21 Mark 09:14โ€“29 Luke 09:37โ€“49
92 Coin in the fish’s mouth miracle Matthew 17:24โ€“27
93 Bread of Life Discourse sermon John 06:22โ€“59
94 The Little Children ministry Matthew 18:01โ€“06 Mark 09:33โ€“37 Luke 09:46โ€“48
95 Man with dropsy miracle Luke 14:01โ€“06
96 Counting the Cost parable Luke 14:25โ€“33
97 The Lost Sheep parable Matthew 18:10โ€“14 Luke 15:04โ€“06
98 The Unforgiving Servant parable Matthew 18:23โ€“35
99 The Little Children ministry Matthew 18:01โ€“06 Mark 09:33โ€“37 Luke 09:46โ€“48
100 The Lost Coin parable Luke 15:08โ€“09
101 Parable of the Prodigal Son parable Luke 15:11โ€“32
102 The Unjust Steward parable Luke 16:01โ€“13
103 Rich man and Lazarus parable Luke 16:19โ€“31
104 The Master and Servant parable Luke 17:07โ€“10
105 Cleansing ten lepers miracle Luke 17:11โ€“19
106 The Unjust Judge parable Luke 18:01โ€“08
107 Pharisee and the Tax Collector parable Luke 18:09โ€“14
108 Divorce and celibacy ministry Matthew 19:1-15
109 Jesus and the rich young man ministry Matthew 19:16โ€“30 Mark 10:17โ€“31 Luke 18:18โ€“30
110 Jesus and the woman taken in adultery ministry John 08:02โ€“11
111 The Workers in the Vineyard parable Matthew 20:01โ€“16
112 Jesus predicts his death ministry Matthew 20:17โ€“19 Mark 10:32โ€“34
Mark 08:31
Mark 09:31
Luke 18:31โ€“34
113 The Blind at Birth miracle John 09:01โ€“12
114 Son of man came to serve ministry Matthew 20:20โ€“28 Mark 10:35โ€“45
115 The Good Shepherd ministry John 10:01โ€“21
116 Blind near Jericho miracle Matthew 20:29โ€“34 Mark 10:46โ€“52 Luke 18:35โ€“43
117 Raising of Lazarus miracle John 11:01โ€“44
118 Jesus and Zacchaeus ministry Luke 19:02โ€“28
119 Palm Sunday ministry Matthew 21:01โ€“11 Mark 11:01โ€“11 Luke 19:29โ€“44 John 12:12โ€“19
120 Second Temple Cleansing ministry Matthew 21:12โ€“13 Mark 11:15โ€“18 Luke 19:45โ€“48
121 Cursing the fig tree miracle Matthew 21:18โ€“22 Mark 11:12โ€“14
122 Authority of Jesus Questioned ministry Matthew 21:23โ€“27 Mark 11:27โ€“33 Luke 20:01โ€“08
123 The Two Sons parable Matthew 21:28โ€“32
124 The Wicked Husbandmen parable Matthew 21:33โ€“41 Mark 12:01โ€“09 Luke 20:09โ€“16
125 The Great Banquet parable Matthew 22:01โ€“14 Luke 14:16โ€“24
126 Render unto Caesar… ministry Matthew 22:15โ€“22 Mark 12:13โ€“17 Luke 20:20โ€“26
127 Woes of the Pharisees ministry Matthew 23:01โ€“39 Mark 12:35โ€“37 Luke 20:45โ€“47
128 Widow’s mite sermon Mark 12:41โ€“44 Luke 21:01-04
129 Second Coming Prophecy ministry Matthew 24:01โ€“31 Mark 13:01โ€“27 Luke 21:05โ€“36
130 The Budding Fig Tree parable Matthew 24:32โ€“35 Mark 13:28โ€“31 Luke 21:29โ€“33
131 The Faithful Servant parable Matthew 24:42โ€“51 Mark 13:34โ€“37 Luke 12:35โ€“48
132 The Ten Virgins parable Matthew 25:01โ€“13
133 The Talents or Minas parable Matthew 25:14โ€“30 Luke 19:12โ€“27
134 The Sheep and the Goats parable Matthew 25:31โ€“46
135 Anointing of Jesus ministry Matthew 26:01โ€“13 Mark 14:03-09 Luke 07:36โ€“50 John 12:02-08
136 Bargain of Judas misc Matthew 26:14โ€“16 Mark 14:10โ€“11 Luke 22:01-06
137 The Grain of Wheat ministry John 12:24โ€“26
138 Last Supper ministry Matthew 26:26โ€“29 Mark 14:18โ€“21 Luke 22:17โ€“20 John 13:01โ€“31
139 Promising a Paraclete ministry John 16:05โ€“15
140 Gethsemane misc Matthew 26:36โ€“46 Mark 14:32โ€“42 Luke 22:39โ€“46
141 The kiss of Judas passion Matthew 26:47โ€“49 Mark 14:43โ€“45 Luke 22:47โ€“48 John 18:02-09
142 Healing the ear of a servant miracle Luke 22:49โ€“51
143 Arrest of Jesus passion Matthew 26:50โ€“56 Mark 14:46โ€“49 Luke 22:52โ€“54 John 18:10โ€“12
144 Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus passion Matthew 26:57โ€“68 Mark 14:53โ€“65 Luke 22:63โ€“71 John 18:12โ€“24
145 Blood curse passion Matthew 27:24โ€“25
146 Carrying the cross passion Matthew 27:27โ€“33 Mark 15:20โ€“22 Luke 23:26โ€“32 John 19:16โ€“17
147 Crucifixion of Jesus passion Matthew 27:34โ€“61 Mark 15:23โ€“47 Luke 23:33โ€“54 John 19:18โ€“38
148 Myrrhbearers res app Matthew 28:01 Mark 16:01 Luke 24:01
149 Empty tomb res app Matthew 28:02-08 Mark 16:02-08 Luke 24:02โ€“12 John 20:01โ€“13
150 Resurrection of Jesus res app Matthew 28:09โ€“10 Mark 16:09-13 Luke 24:01-08 John 20:14โ€“16
151 Noli me tangere res app John 20:17โ€“17
152 Road to Emmaus appearance res app Luke 24:13โ€“32
153 Resurrected Jesus appears to Apostles res app Luke 24:36โ€“43 John 20:19โ€“20
154 Great Commission res app Matthew 28:16โ€“20 Mark 16:14-18 Luke 24:44โ€“49 John 20:21โ€“23
155 Doubting Thomas res app John 20:24โ€“29
156 Catch of 153 fish miracle John 21:01โ€“24
157 Ascension of Jesus res app Mark 16:19 Luke 24:50โ€“53
158 Dispersion of the Apostles misc Matthew 28:19-20 Mark 16:19-20
The table is based on the list of key episodes in the Canonical Gospels. The episode structure within the table is based on Edward Robinson’s A Harmony of the Gospels in Greek((William Newcome (1834), Edward Robinson (ed.), A harmony of the Gospels in Greek, in the general order of Le Clere & Newcome, with Newcome’s notes: Printed from the text and with the various readings of Knapp, Gould and Newman)) as well as Steven L. Cox and Kendell H Easley’s Harmony of the Gospels.((Steven L. Cox; Kendell H. Easley (2006), “Analytical Outline of the Harmony”, HCSB Harmony of the Gospels, B&H Publishing, p. xviii, ISBN978-0805494440)). The chart was obtained from Wikipedia and is posted here for convenience.((https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gospel_harmony))

Jesus Teaches that We Must Become as Little Children

Those who humble themselves as little children are the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:1-11;


The Gospel of Mark 9:14-32

Those who humble themselves as little children are the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:1-11;


Jesus with Children

“Truly I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven.” – Matthew 18:3


Jesus’ Teaching on Greatness

This video reveals Jesus Christโ€™s teaching on greatness in the Kingdom of God, as recorded in Mark chapter 9. When Jesusโ€™ disciples argued about who was the greatest, Jesus replied that the humble would be considered the greatest in the Kingdom of God.


Our Inner Child (Mark 9:30-37)

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