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28th Sunday of Year B


Gospel Parallels

This week’s parallel Gospel is highlighted in red. Horizontal scroll available on smaller screens. Click on headings labels to sort.

Event Type Matthew Mark Luke John
1 Pre-existence of Christ misc John 01:01โ€“18
2 Genealogy of Jesus nativity Matthew 01:01โ€“17 Luke 03:23โ€“38
3 Birth of John the Baptist nativity Luke 01:05โ€“25
4 Annunciation nativity Luke 01:26โ€“38
5 Visitation of Mary nativity Luke 01:39โ€“56
6 Birth of Jesus nativity Matthew 01:18โ€“25 Luke 02:01โ€“07
7 Annunciation to the shepherds nativity Luke 02:08โ€“15
8 Adoration of the shepherds nativity Luke 02:16โ€“20
9 Circumcision of Jesus nativity Luke 02:21
10 Infant Jesus at the Temple nativity Luke 02:22โ€“38
11 Star of Bethlehem nativity Matthew 02:01โ€“02
12 Visit of the Magi nativity Matthew 02:01โ€“12
13 Flight into Egypt nativity Matthew 02:13โ€“15
14 Massacre of the Innocents nativity Matthew 02:16โ€“18
15 Herod the Great‘s death misc Matthew 02:19โ€“20
16 Return of the family of Jesus to Nazareth youth Matthew 02:21โ€“23 Luke 02:39โ€“39
17 Finding Jesus in the Temple youth Luke 02:41โ€“51
18 Ministry of John the Baptist misc Matthew 03:01โ€“12 Mark 01:01โ€“08 Luke 03:01โ€“20 John 01:19โ€“34
19 Baptism of Jesus misc Matthew 03:13โ€“17 Mark 01:09โ€“11 Luke 03:21โ€“22 John 01:29โ€“39
20 Temptation of Jesus misc Matthew 04:01โ€“11 Mark 01:12โ€“13 Luke 04:01โ€“13
21 Marriage at Cana miracle John 02:01โ€“11
22 First Temple Cleansing ministry John 02:13โ€“25
23 Jesus & Nicodemus ministry John 03:01โ€“21
24 Return of Jesus to Galilee ministry Matthew 04:12โ€“12 Mark 01:14โ€“14 John 04:01โ€“03
25 Exorcism at the Synagogue in Capernaum miracle Mark 01:21โ€“28 Luke 04:31โ€“37
26 The Growing Seed parable Mark 04:26โ€“29
27 Rejection of Jesus ministry Matthew 13:53โ€“58 Mark 06:01โ€“06 Luke 04:16โ€“30
28 First disciples of Jesus ministry Matthew 04:18โ€“22 Mark 01:16โ€“20 Luke 05:1-11 John 01:35โ€“51
29 Miraculous draught of fishes miracle Luke 05:01โ€“11
30 Beatitudes sermon Matthew 05:02โ€“12 Luke 06:20โ€“23
31 Young Man from Nain miracle Luke 07:11โ€“17
32 The Two Debtors parable Luke 07:41โ€“43
33 The Lamp under a Bushel parable Matthew 05:14โ€“15 Mark 04:21โ€“25 Luke 08:16โ€“18
34 Expounding of the Law sermon Matthew 05:17โ€“48 Luke 06:29โ€“42
35 Seventy Disciples ministry Luke 10:01โ€“24
36 Discourse on ostentation sermon Matthew 06:01โ€“18
37 Parable of the Good Samaritan parable Luke 10:30โ€“37
38 Jesus at the home of Martha and Mary ministry Luke 10:38โ€“42
39 The Lord’s Prayer ministry Matthew 06:09โ€“13 Luke 11:02โ€“04
40 The Friend at Night parable Luke 11:05โ€“08
41 The Rich Fool parable Luke 12:16โ€“21
42 Samaritan Woman at the Well ministry John 04:04โ€“26
43 The Birds of Heaven ministry Matthew 06:25โ€“34 Luke 12:22โ€“34
44 Discourse on judging sermon Matthew 07:01โ€“05 Luke 06:41โ€“42
45 Discourse on holiness sermon Matthew 07:13โ€“27
46 The Test of a Good Person sermon Matthew 07:15โ€“20 Luke 06:43-45
47 The Wise and the Foolish Builders parable Matthew 07:24โ€“27 Luke 06:46โ€“49
48 Cleansing a leper miracle Matthew 08:01โ€“04 Mark 01:40โ€“45 Luke 05:12โ€“16
49 The Centurion’s Servant miracle Matthew 08:05โ€“13 Luke 07:01โ€“10 John 04:46โ€“54
50 Healing the mother of Peter’s wife miracle Matthew 08:14โ€“17 Mark 01:29โ€“34 Luke 04:38โ€“41
51 Exorcising at sunset miracle Matthew 08:16โ€“17 Mark 01:32โ€“34 Luke 04:40โ€“41
52 Calming the storm miracle Matthew 08:23โ€“27 Mark 04:35โ€“41 Luke 08:22โ€“25
53 Gerasenes demonic miracle Matthew 08:28โ€“34 Mark 05:01โ€“20 Luke 08:26โ€“39
54 Paralytic at Capernaum miracle Matthew 09:01โ€“08 Mark 02:01โ€“12 Luke 05:17โ€“26
55 Calling of Matthew ministry Matthew 09:09 Mark 02:13โ€“14 Luke 05:27โ€“28
56 New Wine into Old Wineskins parable Matthew 09:17โ€“17 Mark 02:22โ€“22 Luke 05:37โ€“39
57 Daughter of Jairus miracle Matthew 09:18โ€“26 Mark 05:21โ€“43 Luke 08:40โ€“56
58 The Bleeding Woman miracle Matthew 09:20โ€“22 Mark 05:24โ€“34 Luke 08:43โ€“48
59 Two Blind Men at Galilee miracle Matthew 09:27โ€“31
60 Exorcising a mute miracle Matthew 09:32โ€“34
61 Commissioning the twelve Apostles ministry Matthew 10:02โ€“04 Mark 03:13โ€“19 Luke 06:12โ€“16
62 Not peace, but a sword ministry Matthew 10:34โ€“36 Luke 12:49โ€“53
63 Messengers from John the Baptist ministry Matthew 11:02โ€“06 Luke 07:18โ€“23
64 Paralytic at Bethesda miracle John 05:01โ€“18
65 Lord of the Sabbath ministry Matthew 12:01โ€“08 Mark 02:23โ€“28 Luke 06:01โ€“05
66 Man with withered Hand miracle Matthew 12:09โ€“13 Mark 03:01โ€“06 Luke 06:06โ€“11
67 Exorcising the blind and mute man miracle Matthew 12:22โ€“28 Mark 03:20โ€“30 Luke 11:14โ€“23
68 Parable of the strong man parable Matthew 12:29โ€“29 Mark 03:27โ€“27 Luke 11:21โ€“22
69 Eternal sin ministry Matthew 12:30โ€“32 Mark 03:28โ€“29 Luke 12:08โ€“10
70 Jesus’ True Relatives ministry Matthew 12:46โ€“50 Mark 03:31โ€“35 Luke 08:19โ€“21
71 Parable of the Sower parable Matthew 13:03โ€“09 Mark 04:03โ€“09 Luke 08:05โ€“08
72 The Tares parable Matthew 13:24โ€“30
73 The Barren Fig Tree parable Luke 13:06โ€“09
74 An Infirm Woman miracle Luke 13:10โ€“17
75 Parable of the Mustard Seed parable Matthew 13:31โ€“32 Mark 04:30โ€“32 Luke 13:18โ€“19
76 The Leaven parable Matthew 13:33โ€“33 Luke 13:20โ€“21
77 Parable of the Pearl parable Matthew 13:44โ€“46
78 Drawing in the Net parable Matthew 13:47โ€“50
79 The Hidden Treasure parable Matthew 13:52โ€“52
80 Beheading of John the Baptist ministry Matthew 14:06โ€“12 Mark 06:21โ€“29 Luke 09:07โ€“09
81 Feeding the 5000 miracle Matthew 14:13โ€“21 Mark 06:31โ€“44 Luke 09:10โ€“17 John 06:05โ€“15
82 Jesus’ walk on water miracle Matthew 14:22โ€“33 Mark 06:45โ€“52 John 06:16โ€“21
83 Healing in Gennesaret miracle Matthew 14:34โ€“36 Mark 06:53โ€“56
84 Discourse on Defilement sermon Matthew 15:01โ€“11 Mark 07:01โ€“23
85 Canaanite woman’s daughter miracle Matthew 15:21โ€“28 Mark 07:24โ€“30
86 Deaf mute of Decapolis miracle Mark 07:31โ€“37
87 Feeding the 4000 miracle Matthew 15:32โ€“39 Mark 08:01โ€“09
88 Blind Man of Bethsaida miracle Mark 08:22โ€“26
89 Confession of Peter ministry Matthew 16:13โ€“20 Mark 08:27โ€“30 Luke 09:18โ€“21
90 Transfiguration of Jesus miracle Matthew 17:01โ€“13 Mark 09:02โ€“13 Luke 09:28โ€“36
91 Boy possessed by a demon miracle Matthew 17:14โ€“21 Mark 09:14โ€“29 Luke 09:37โ€“49
92 Coin in the fish’s mouth miracle Matthew 17:24โ€“27
93 Bread of Life Discourse sermon John 06:22โ€“59
94 The Little Children ministry Matthew 18:01โ€“06 Mark 09:33โ€“37 Luke 09:46โ€“48
95 Man with dropsy miracle Luke 14:01โ€“06
96 Counting the Cost parable Luke 14:25โ€“33
97 The Lost Sheep parable Matthew 18:10โ€“14 Luke 15:04โ€“06
98 The Unforgiving Servant parable Matthew 18:23โ€“35
99 The Little Children ministry Matthew 18:01โ€“06 Mark 09:33โ€“37 Luke 09:46โ€“48
100 The Lost Coin parable Luke 15:08โ€“09
101 Parable of the Prodigal Son parable Luke 15:11โ€“32
102 The Unjust Steward parable Luke 16:01โ€“13
103 Rich man and Lazarus parable Luke 16:19โ€“31
104 The Master and Servant parable Luke 17:07โ€“10
105 Cleansing ten lepers miracle Luke 17:11โ€“19
106 The Unjust Judge parable Luke 18:01โ€“08
107 Pharisee and the Tax Collector parable Luke 18:09โ€“14
108 Divorce and celibacy ministry Matthew 19:1-15
109 Jesus and the rich young man ministry Matthew 19:16โ€“30 Mark 10:17โ€“31 Luke 18:18โ€“30
110 Jesus and the woman taken in adultery ministry John 08:02โ€“11
111 The Workers in the Vineyard parable Matthew 20:01โ€“16
112 Jesus predicts his death ministry Matthew 20:17โ€“19 Mark 10:32โ€“34
Mark 08:31
Mark 09:31
Luke 18:31โ€“34
113 The Blind at Birth miracle John 09:01โ€“12
114 Son of man came to serve ministry Matthew 20:20โ€“28 Mark 10:35โ€“45
115 The Good Shepherd ministry John 10:01โ€“21
116 Blind near Jericho miracle Matthew 20:29โ€“34 Mark 10:46โ€“52 Luke 18:35โ€“43
117 Raising of Lazarus miracle John 11:01โ€“44
118 Jesus and Zacchaeus ministry Luke 19:02โ€“28
119 Palm Sunday ministry Matthew 21:01โ€“11 Mark 11:01โ€“11 Luke 19:29โ€“44 John 12:12โ€“19
120 Second Temple Cleansing ministry Matthew 21:12โ€“13 Mark 11:15โ€“18 Luke 19:45โ€“48
121 Cursing the fig tree miracle Matthew 21:18โ€“22 Mark 11:12โ€“14
122 Authority of Jesus Questioned ministry Matthew 21:23โ€“27 Mark 11:27โ€“33 Luke 20:01โ€“08
123 The Two Sons parable Matthew 21:28โ€“32
124 The Wicked Husbandmen parable Matthew 21:33โ€“41 Mark 12:01โ€“09 Luke 20:09โ€“16
125 The Great Banquet parable Matthew 22:01โ€“14 Luke 14:16โ€“24
126 Render unto Caesar… ministry Matthew 22:15โ€“22 Mark 12:13โ€“17 Luke 20:20โ€“26
127 Woes of the Pharisees ministry Matthew 23:01โ€“39 Mark 12:35โ€“37 Luke 20:45โ€“47
128 Widow’s mite sermon Mark 12:41โ€“44 Luke 21:01-04
129 Second Coming Prophecy ministry Matthew 24:01โ€“31 Mark 13:01โ€“27 Luke 21:05โ€“36
130 The Budding Fig Tree parable Matthew 24:32โ€“35 Mark 13:28โ€“31 Luke 21:29โ€“33
131 The Faithful Servant parable Matthew 24:42โ€“51 Mark 13:34โ€“37 Luke 12:35โ€“48
132 The Ten Virgins parable Matthew 25:01โ€“13
133 The Talents or Minas parable Matthew 25:14โ€“30 Luke 19:12โ€“27
134 The Sheep and the Goats parable Matthew 25:31โ€“46
135 Anointing of Jesus ministry Matthew 26:01โ€“13 Mark 14:03-09 Luke 07:36โ€“50 John 12:02-08
136 Bargain of Judas misc Matthew 26:14โ€“16 Mark 14:10โ€“11 Luke 22:01-06
137 The Grain of Wheat ministry John 12:24โ€“26
138 Last Supper ministry Matthew 26:26โ€“29 Mark 14:18โ€“21 Luke 22:17โ€“20 John 13:01โ€“31
139 Promising a Paraclete ministry John 16:05โ€“15
140 Gethsemane misc Matthew 26:36โ€“46 Mark 14:32โ€“42 Luke 22:39โ€“46
141 The kiss of Judas passion Matthew 26:47โ€“49 Mark 14:43โ€“45 Luke 22:47โ€“48 John 18:02-09
142 Healing the ear of a servant miracle Luke 22:49โ€“51
143 Arrest of Jesus passion Matthew 26:50โ€“56 Mark 14:46โ€“49 Luke 22:52โ€“54 John 18:10โ€“12
144 Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus passion Matthew 26:57โ€“68 Mark 14:53โ€“65 Luke 22:63โ€“71 John 18:12โ€“24
145 Blood curse passion Matthew 27:24โ€“25
146 Carrying the cross passion Matthew 27:27โ€“33 Mark 15:20โ€“22 Luke 23:26โ€“32 John 19:16โ€“17
147 Crucifixion of Jesus passion Matthew 27:34โ€“61 Mark 15:23โ€“47 Luke 23:33โ€“54 John 19:18โ€“38
148 Myrrhbearers res app Matthew 28:01 Mark 16:01 Luke 24:01
149 Empty tomb res app Matthew 28:02-08 Mark 16:02-08 Luke 24:02โ€“12 John 20:01โ€“13
150 Resurrection of Jesus res app Matthew 28:09โ€“10 Mark 16:09-13 Luke 24:01-08 John 20:14โ€“16
151 Noli me tangere res app John 20:17โ€“17
152 Road to Emmaus appearance res app Luke 24:13โ€“32
153 Resurrected Jesus appears to Apostles res app Luke 24:36โ€“43 John 20:19โ€“20
154 Great Commission res app Matthew 28:16โ€“20 Mark 16:14-18 Luke 24:44โ€“49 John 20:21โ€“23
155 Doubting Thomas res app John 20:24โ€“29
156 Catch of 153 fish miracle John 21:01โ€“24
157 Ascension of Jesus res app Mark 16:19 Luke 24:50โ€“53
158 Dispersion of the Apostles misc Matthew 28:19-20 Mark 16:19-20
The table is based on the list of key episodes in the Canonical Gospels. The episode structure within the table is based on Edward Robinson’s A Harmony of the Gospels in Greek((William Newcome (1834), Edward Robinson (ed.), A harmony of the Gospels in Greek, in the general order of Le Clere & Newcome, with Newcome’s notes: Printed from the text and with the various readings of Knapp, Gould and Newman)) as well as Steven L. Cox and Kendell H Easley’s Harmony of the Gospels.((Steven L. Cox; Kendell H. Easley (2006), “Analytical Outline of the Harmony”, HCSB Harmony of the Gospels, B&H Publishing, p. xviii, ISBN978-0805494440)). The chart was obtained from Wikipedia and is posted here for convenience.((https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gospel_harmony))

Christ and the Rich Young Ruler

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, teaches a rich man how to gain eternal life.


Jesus’ Advice to a Rich Young Man

This video reveals the advice Jesus gave to a rich young man who wanted to know how to get eternal life, as recorded in Matthew chapter 19. Jesus tells the rich young that only God is good, but that the way to eternal life is through obeying Godโ€™s commandments, for example the Ten Commandments. The young man says he had kept all of them, but wanted something further. Jesus says that for him to be perfect he should sell all his possessions, give to the poor, and then follow Jesus. At this the young man walks off.


Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler

The story of Jesus and the rich young ruler is found in the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 10. Jesus ended the encounter by telling the man: โ€œYou lack one thing: go, sell all that you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.โ€ Disheartened by the saying, he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions. (Mark 10:21-22)


Rich Young Ruler Skit Guys

Don’t hold on to anything that holds you back. What is gained in Christ is indescribably greater than anything you leave behind for Him.

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