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FEATURED VIDEO (4:38) – On this Feast of the Holy Family, Fr. Edward shares the story of Jesus’ visit to the temple, and how while He is in His father’s house, Jesus returns home with His parents, showing His obedience and dedication to living a human life. VIEW MORE VIDEOS

Seeking the Savior

Objects suggested:  A map (You might want to update this by using a GPS or Map app on your mobile phone.)

If we were planning to go to visit someone in another town or city, we might first ask someone who knew how to get there to give us directions. They might give us some general directions and suggest the best roads to take. Another thing we should do is look at a map. The map will show us exactly how to get where we want to go. As we travel, we should keep checking the map to be sure that we are headed in the right direction. If we follow the directions that we receive and use the map to guide us, we will surely find the way.

After Jesus was born, some wise men, also called Magi, saw a star in the sky which they believed announced the birth of a king. They traveled to Jerusalem and began to ask, “Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw his star as it rose, and we have come to worship him.”


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SOURCE: SERMONS 4 Kids – All Rights Reserved

Star Bright, Star Light

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Cut-out of a star or a simple drawing of the Big Dipper

Have you ever sat outside with a friend or your family and watched as the sky begins to darken, to see who could spot the first star? You must watch closely to be the one to see the first star appear. Soon after, many stars are twinkling in the sky. In fact, there are billions of stars in our galaxy. Have you ever thought about what makes a star twinkle? A star sends out a straight beam of light, but movement in the air changes the path of the light, and causes the star to twinkle.

It is a special treat to sit outside at night and look at stars. Stars appear to be white, but if you look closely you will see that some stars are blue, yellow and red. And, some stars are very bright.There is one very bright star, the North Star, which guides travelers and sailors so they will always know in what direction they are going.Perhaps your parents or a friend can help you find the Big Dipper in the night sky. It looks like a large pan with a handle. The two stars at the front of the pan, opposite of the handle, point directly to the North Star.

SOURCE: Sermon Writer: Children’s Sermons – All Rights Reserved | © 1997-2020 Richard Niell Donovan; Video added by SermonPrep.org

I’ve Got It

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: A light bulb or a picture of a cartoon character with a light bulb sketched above the head.

Think about how it feels when suddenly you have a good idea pop into your head. Perhaps you have had the experience of struggling to understand or learn how do to something you found very difficult, then suddenly it all becomes clear to you. It is as though a light turns on in your brain and makes everything clear.

Sometimes we see the same image illustrated in cartoons. It could be Charlie Brown, Snoopy, or Scooby-Doo, appearing surprised, a light bulb sketched above their head. It is a symbol that means “I’ve got it!I know what to do!” Some call that a “light bulb moment.” (Show example.)

When Jesus was born, the wise men or Magi, as they are called, had very holy light bulb moments. They saw a star rising and knew that special star would lead them to Jesus, The Son of God. They followed that star “until it came and stood over where the young child was” (2:9).

SOURCE: Sermon Writer: Children’s Sermons – All Rights Reserved | © 1997-2020 Richard Niell Donovan; Video added by SermonPrep.org

Finding Joy

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: Picture of Earth taken from space

Have you ever seen a satellite blinking and moving across the night sky? It looks just like a star, but this kind of satellite is made by men and women and sent into space where it circles the earth.Many satellites orbit our earth continuously and some are no bigger than a beach ball.

Satellites are used for many different things:

  • Some look at the weather and warn us about storms.
  • Some relay television programs and telephone messages.
  • Some give us information about the universe.

Satellites take pictures of things on earth and are able to locate mountains, rivers, deserts, cities and even individual buildings. With help from a satellite and a computer you can find your house or school and see what it looks like from space.

SOURCE: Sermon Writer: Children’s Sermons – All Rights Reserved | © 1997-2020 Richard Niell Donovan; Video added by SermonPrep.org

The Light Inside

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: A cutout of a star or a picture of the night sky.

Do you like to look at the night sky? What do you see? Yes, the moon and many, many stars.

Did you know that you can also see light from a star during the day? Would it surprise you to know that the sun is a star? All stars are balls of gas that burn from the inside and give off light and heat. The sun is the closest star to earth so we see its light and also feel its heat.

You may have heard the Bible story about the wise men and how they followed a very bright nighttime star that led them to Bethlehem.The star shone over the place where Jesus was born.

SOURCE: Sermon Writer: Children’s Sermons – All Rights Reserved | © 1997-2020 Richard Niell Donovan; Video added by SermonPrep.org

The Light

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: A bag of yellow construction paper stars and a roll of masking tape.

Did you ever have all the lights go out at your house (accept answers). Did you bump into things or get confused about which way to go? It has happened to me, too. How did it feel when the lights came on again? It’s sooo much easier to get around.

Well, the Wise Men could have had a problem like that. God had told them that a very special baby had been born. But they didn’t know where to find him. Sometimes when we don’t know something, we say we are “in the dark”. So God gave them a special light to guide them to the baby. Remember what that light was? That’s right—a star. That made it easy to find baby Jesus. The Wise Men were not “in the dark.”

When Jesus grew up he taught people many things. One of the very important things he said to us was “You are the light of the world.” Jesus said that everyone who follows Him is light for the world.

SOURCE: Sermon Writer: Children’s Sermons – All Rights Reserved | © 1997-2020 Richard Niell Donovan; Video added by SermonPrep.org

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Society of Christian Doctrine

Speak, Lord — Sunday Worksheet

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SDC is a society of lay catechists that started in Malta in 1907. Worksheets can be downloaded and printed for use during Sunday Mass or handed out to children at school prior to the weekend. They are also used by parents who download them to use with their children at home.


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Coloring Page

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This Week’s Resources

The readings for the Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord tell of the revelation of Jesus Christ to all people. The first reading tells of a light in Jerusalem which all nations are drawn to. The psalm foretells kings bringing gifts. The second reading explains how God’s grace is now known to all generations and the whole world. The gospel recalls how the Magi came from afar to worship the child Jesus. It also recounts Herod’s jealousy and treachery.

Resources for the Feast of the Epiphany

SOURCE: Young Catholics: Posts related to upcoming Sunday Mass readings and feast days for saints

Family Activities

Choose one of the following activities as a way to further reflect on the Sunday readings:

  • The word epiphany means to reveal or to be manifest. What have you learned about God from your family? Cut star shapes out of white paper, one for each family member. Have family members write their responses to the question on the paper stars. Older family members can write for younger children. Hang the stars in your home as a reminder of God’s presence.
  • Help your family experience a true epiphany. Spend time this week looking for God. Go out for a walk, or look for God in your home. See where God leads you.
  • Epiphany is a traditional time for the blessing of homes. It is a time to celebrate the fact that God can be found in our everyday environment. We know that we are part of the family of God and that God dwells in our home. Plan a blessing of your home. Use the following format: Read John 1:14 from the Bible. Then go in procession from room to room, blessing each room with holy water.
  • Discuss these questions: What stops us from seeing God’s presence in our world today? What helps us see God’s actions and presence in the world around us?
SOURCE: Our Sunday Visitor: Lifelong Catechesis

Epiphany Sunday House Blessing

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Tulang Family TV (19:21) 

The Epiphany of the Lord

Each week we share readings and engaging activities that are perfect for Mass, children’s church programs, Sunday school, and for doing at home. The activities are quiet and fun ways to involve kids in worship and teach them the foundations of our faith.

SOURCE: Children’s Liturgy
Word Sunday

Jesus, the Light of the World

Children’s Readings

Opening Question: How many of you stayed up on New Years Eve? What happened?

Through the sights and sounds of television, more than 300 million people watched the ball in New York City’s Time Square as the old year became the new. More than one half million people went to Times Square to watch the ball in person. The ball is actually lights in the form of a ball and, sitting on a tall building, can be seen for more than a mile away.


Bridging Question: Have you ever seen the Milky Way in the sky? Have you ever seen pictures of things in the night sky?

Paul looked forward to the Scout camp out. They were going out to the desert where the sky is clear and there are no city lights to spoil the view of stars. They loaded up the trucks and vans. Then they rode in for over two hours. The ride was long and boring. Sometimes they would joke and tell stories. Sometimes look at the scenery out of the window. Sometimes they would try to sleeps using their jackets as pillows.

http://word-sunday.com/Files/Seasonal/Epiphany/K-Epiphany.htmlREAD MORE

Closing Question: How is Jesus the “light of the world?” How can you share your light with others? How can you share Jesus’ light with others?

Word Sunday

Christ, the Light of the World

Today’s gospel relates the story of the Three Kings. Actually, the word used in Matthew 2:1 (“Magi”) referred to Persian priest-astrologers who saw the divine will written in the stars of the night skies. Through their studies, they believed someone great was born. So, they searched for someone new, someone who would enlighten a dark world. Matthew used the story of the traveling stargazers to present a theme. Even the infant Jesus was a light to all people, just not his own.

Before you put away all the Christmas ornaments, keep a white Christmas candle central to a gathering area (centerpiece of the dining table would be perfect). Light the candle and read Matthew 2:1-12. Remind your family that Jesus brings the light to the world, just like a candle brings light to a dark room.

SOURCE: Word-Sunday.com All materials found in word-sunday.com are the property of Larry Broding (©1999-2021). Viewers may copy any material found in these pages for their personal use or for use in any non-profit ministry. Materials may not be sold or used for personal financial gain.


RECOMMENDED: Resources for Catholic Educators

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Chalking the Door

THE RELIGION TEACHER (3:28) – Why do Catholics have the symbols 20+C+M+B+YEAR written in chalk on or above their doors? This is a blessing of the home connected to the Epiphany. 20+YEAR = The year of the blessing. + = The Cross C = Caspar M = Melchior B = Balthasar The letters can also stand for “Christus Mansionem Benedicat” which means “May Christ bless this house.”


The Epiphany

Gospel Reading:

The Magi seek out Jesus and do him homage.

Making the Connection

Grades 1,2, and 3:Younger children can learn about gift giving and the gifts we can give to honor Jesus as our Savior by hearing about the Magi, who traveled far to honor Jesus with special gifts.

Grades 4-6:The gifts of the Magi show that they knew Jesus to be the Savior promised by God. By reflecting on the meaning of the Magi’s gifts, we can lead older children to recognize Jesus as their Savior.

Grades 7 and 8:Young people at this age are attracted to heroes. The genre of superheroes allows young people an opportunity to reflect on the virtues and values of each superhero, whose true identity remains concealed. On the feast of the Epiphany, we celebrate the revealing of Jesus’ true identity as the Messiah.



Wise Men and a Star

4_Wise Men and StarScripture Reference: Matthew 2:1-18

Suggested Emphasis: Give honour and respect to Jesus.

Memory Verse: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16



Creative Way of Presenting the Gospel

SOURCE: the Liturgy Centre, Catholic Diocese of Auckland
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VIDEO PRODUCTION (4:32) –  Read by Kady Fastner


Dear Children of the Earth

This enchanting and beautifully illustrated book begins with, as the title would lead you to understand, a letter from Mother Earth. In this letter, Mother Earth asks for help from her children everywhere. She writes to express her love for each and every child and asks for their love and appreciation in return. In her own words and with all of her heart, Mother Earth enfolds children with love and entrusts them with her protection. This love that Mother Earth expresses for her children very much parallels the love that God makes manifest for the whole world in the celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany. Mother Earth and God, our Loving Father, seek unity of love and a cooperation among peoples. The love is made manifest to the children of the earth by God’s loving creation, Mother Earth, and to be enjoyed and stewarded by all of the inhabitants of the earth. The truth being told in the Scriptures and in Dear Children of the Earth is that we are all Children of the Earth and as such are called to unity.

Think of how your room would be if you did not clean it or provide some order for it? Soon you would be stumbling over all kinds of things. This would be an example that visually allows you to see what happens when we do not care for something. If our environment is to provide for us, then we must care for it. Similarly, this is true of caring for one another and being in union with one another as the Children of God. Think of what it might be like to be isolated from one another, to live alone and have no one to talk to or listen to, no one to embrace or share things with.

Unity is what God wants for all of us. God intends for all of us to be connected to one another and to seek out all the similarities and uniqueness and to celebrate them, much like the beautiful colors of a multicolored tapestry

SOURCE: Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University; “Build. Plant. Grow.” = a free faith formation resource which aligns with the Liturgical Year of the Roman Catholic Church. The accompanying video is NOT associated with Markkula Center.
Virtue of the Week


Unity is what God seeks for all of us. It is most important to remember that unity does not mean uniformity. Often human beings get the two confused. God created all of us to be unique and to combine the uniqueness of each is to provide something beautiful for God

Isaiah 60: 1-6

In this passage the prophet Isaiah presents a vision of Jerusalem’s pending exaltation. He speaks to the fact that God’s light and glory are to be restored and that the people’s relationship with their God will be renewed. The “glory of the Lord” refers to God’s selfmanifestation, which is exactly what the word “Epiphany” means. The gloom of exile will be over and a new beginning is granted. The light given to the nation of Israel is to be a light for all the nations. There will be a unity restored.

Ephesians 3: 2-3a, 5-6

Saint Paul writes to the Church at Ephesus and proclaims boldly that Jesus Christ came to bring about unity among the peoples of the earth. It is through Jesus Christ that the God of Israel is made manifest to ALL peoples. Past generations only experienced that which separated people. Now through faith in Jesus Christ people can, if they wish, experience the greatness of unity. God chose and blessed Saint Paul with this ministry of preaching to the Gentiles.

Matthew 2: 1-12

The gospel speaks of those earnestly seeking the newborn king. Those searching are from outside the nation of Israel, that is the Gentiles. The magi represent the nations of the world seeking the light and are guided by a star. Interestingly, there were those who had already had been chosen and called by God and they felt that they had no need to search for this Messiah. King Herod feared for his throne, though his fear was unwarranted, given that Jesus was to be a different kind of king. There seems to be a truth about human nature and it that we can easily become locked into our own way of thinking and not allow the least bit of new light to enter into our lives. God is ever seeking to allow new light to seep into our lives in order to see God more clearly. The truth is we must make ourselves available to the light and seek unity among others from various nations, races and creeds. This is God’s will: unity.

SOURCE: Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University; “Build. Plant. Grow.” = a free faith formation resource which aligns with the Liturgical Year of the Roman Catholic Church.
ACTIVITY of the Week

Music Activity

Step One: Have the music teacher provide a simple song for the students to learn and have them sing it in unison and then in parts or in a round. Record the song so the students can hear the uniform sound and then the added dimension of the song in parts or in a round. The Song Prayer of Father I adore you, lay my life before you, how I love you. Jesus I adore you, lay my life before you, how I love you. Spirit I adore you, lay my life before you, how I love you., done in a round.

What could you do today?

Today think of the different gifts and talents that God has given to you and how you might help others with those gifts and likewise how others might help you with their unique gifts and talents. When people come together and use their gifts for one another it makes God smile because all of the gifts are Gods. When God sees them shared and celebrated in unity with one another, there is a greater reflection of God shining through those people sharing their gifts for the good of one another. What gift or talent could you use with other members of your family or friends, classmates or school community that would contribute uniquely to a wonderful project illustrating unity among your family, friends,classmates or school?


SOURCE: Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University; “Build. Plant. Grow.” = a free faith formation resource which aligns with the Liturgical Year of the Roman Catholic Church.

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