6th Sunday of Easter (C)

Children Activities – 4th Sunday of Easter

Children Activities – 4th Sunday of Easter

Children Activities – 4th Sunday of Easter


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The Holy Spirit


The readings for the 6th Sunday of Easter Year C tell us that we can rely on the Holy Spirit to help us in our faith journey. In the first reading the apostles let the Holy Spirit lead them regarding Mosaic laws. The psalm declares “May God have pity on us and bless us; may he let his face shine upon us.” In the second reading John gazes on the new Jerusalem. And in the gospel Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit to guide us.


  • The Holy Spirit
  • God’s blessings
  • Building the Kingdom of God
  • God keeps His promises


SOURCE: Young Catholics: Catholic Youth Ministry, Vacation Bible School (VBS), Catholic Religious Ed, Catechist, Parish School of Religion (PSR), CCD, and Catholic Family Resources

Today’s Symbol is a DOVE

SOURCE:  Catholic Children’s Liturgy Program Plans (Used worldwide since 2000)

PDF Handouts for Children

Society of Christian Doctrine (SDC)
S.D.C. is a Catholic Society in the United Kingdom that works in the field of Catechesis and the spreading of the Word of God in different ways. Its website provides catechists and teachers with free resources that can be used in different situations to help passing on the faith to others.

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Catholic Kids Bulletin
SOURCE: The Kids’ Bulletin: A fun way for Catholic kids to learn about the Faith every week.

SOURCE: Diocese of Salford Office for Liturgy

Liturgical Activities


SOURCE: the Liturgy Centre, Catholic Diocese of Auckland. Click to download PDF

Family Activities

  • The Holy Spirit helps us in all areas of our lives. Have a discussion about how your family can be open to the gift of the Spirit.
  • At mealtime, pray this prayer after you say Grace: Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Your love. Explain to family members that we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to make family decisions and personal decisions in our lives.
  • Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will instruct us in everything. Have members of the family share who their favorite teachers are and were. Children could make a craft item or help make cookies for their favorite teacher. Include a note with the gift thanking the teacher for what he or she has taught.
  • This week spend fifteen minutes each day with Jesus in quiet prayer. Ask Jesus to fill you with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
SOURCE: Our Sunday Visitor: Lifelong Catechesis

The Family Mulch Pile

Word Sunday

In spite of the spiritual distance that exists between heaven and earth, Jesus promised to remain close to his followers. He and the Father would make a home with the faithful ones. God’s very Spirit would constantly remind his disciples who Jesus was and what he truly meant. And Jesus would return soon.

Sometimes the years that separate parent and child create personal distance. How can a family overcome this gap? Try a Family Notebook.

Leave a notebook with a pen attached in a prominent place. Encourage family members to write to each other in the notebook. Once a week, share the notes as a family. Pray over and discuss what you read or hear. The mere fact your family has written and discussed will help bridge gaps between members. Extend the notebook to talk to God. Have family members write prayers in the notebook. Use these prayers for a family spiritual time. Don’t worry. The Spirit will be with your loved ones.

SOURCE: Word-Sunday.com All materials found in word-sunday.com are the property of Larry Broding (©1999-2021). Viewers may copy any material found in these pages for their personal use or for use in any non-profit ministry. Materials may not be sold or used for personal financial gain.

Jesus Promises his Disciples that he will Send Another Advocate

Making the Connection


Grades 1-3
Jesus promised he would send the Holy Spirit to be our Advocate. Explain to younger children that the Holy Spirit, who comes to us in Baptism and fills us with God’s life, helps and guides us.


Making the Connection


Grades 4-6
When touring a place of interest that we are not familiar with, it is helpful to have a guide who can help us to get the most out of our tour. Jesus gives us his Holy Spirit to help us and guide us during our journey of life.


Making the Connection


Grades 7 and 8
For most of us, peace is understood as the absence of conflict. We long for “peace and quiet.” Jesus gives us the gift of peace but not as the world gives peace. The peace of Christ is that state of being that exists when heaven and earth (God’s will and our lives) connect in our hearts.


Family Connection

Parents are always helping their children prepare for something, whether that consists of getting ready for school, preparing for an exam, or making preparations to go on vacation. In today’s Gospel, Jesus prepares his disciples for his Passion, death, and Resurrection. He promises his Holy Spirit, gives them the gift of his peace, and tells them not to be troubled.



Lectionary Resources

Catechist Background and Preparation
Primary Session
Intermediate Session
Junior High School

Catholic Doctrine


PRIMARY SESSION – The Catholic understanding of peace comes from the gift of peace that Jesus left with his disciples. This understanding of peace means more than the absence of fighting. The meaning of the word peace is found in the Hebrew word “shalom” in the Old Testament. “Shalom” means well being, total harmony with nature, God, and self. It is the benefit of God’s presence with his people.

SOURCE: LECTIONARY RESOURCES  (RCL Benzinger) – All Rights Reserved

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CATHOLIC KIDS MEDIA 6th Sunday Easter, Year C. (2022)



Teacher and mom, THERESA, creates Kids’ Bulletins, a resource for Catholic kids about the readings for Sunday’s Mass every week. More resources.

Growing Strong As Friends

Children’s Readings

Opening Question: Who helps you settle your fights or disagreements with others? How well do they help you?

Some people who had traveled from Judea to Antioch taught: “If you are not circumcised according to our religion, you cannot be saved.” Paul and Barnabas had a very fierce argument with them. So the church leaders in Antioch decided to send some people from their community along with Paul and Barnabas up to Jerusalem. There, they would see the Apostles and other church leaders about this question.


In today’s reading, Paul insisted he was right; people did not have to become Jews before they could become Christians. But Jewish Christians in the church insisted they were right; anyone who wanted to be a Christians had to become a Jew, just like Jesus. Like Joe and Andy, Paul and the Jewish Christians were headed for a fight. So, Paul went to the church leaders in Jerusalem to settle the disagreement. The leaders agreed with Paul; people becoming Christians did not have to become Jews first. But, the new Christians had to act in a way that did not make the Jewish Christians mad. To keep the peace, the church leaders compromised, just like Mrs. Jones did with Andy and Joe.

It’s a good thing to stand up for what you know is right. But it is better to act for the good of everybody, just like Mrs. Jones and the church leaders. That leads to peace.

Bridging Question: Have you ever lost a good friend because you moved or they moved? Do you talk to them? Do you miss them?

Joe and Andy were best friends. They played hard with each other and against each other. They hung out with each other in school and out of school. Not a night or weekend went by when Joe would call Andy or Andy would call Joe. They shared everything that was important: their dreams, their ambitions, their time, even their junk food!


esus told his followers he was leaving, but he would still be close to them. All the followers had to do was to talk to Jesus in prayer, like Joe and Andy’s e-mail. Prayer is a way to share stories, and good times, and laughter with Jesus.

As Christians, we believe that God hears us because he is close to us in the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is the person of God that lives in us. He is like the modem connection in our hearts; he connects us directly to God. When we pray to God the Father or Jesus, the Holy Spirit delivers the prayer faster than any T-line can.

God answers prayers, especially those prayers that help us live in peace. Let us live in peace with others, our family and friends; let us live in peace with ourselves, in our hearts.

Closing Question: How can we become better friends with Jesus?

SOURCE: Word-Sunday.com; Used with permission.


Use your own judgment when including and adapting these lessons in your children’s ministry.

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MINISTRY=TO-CHILDREN (5:39)This message is based on the gospel of John 14:15-21. It reminds us that Jesus promised the Spirit to comfort us and be with us. We might not see Him with our eyes, but we know that God is always with us, and that gives us joyful hope! This Bible Object Lesson will teach kids about the Holy Spirit. It’s based on John 14:15-21 where Jesus promised to send a comforter from God when he leaves the disciples. Download the teachers notes, watch our Children’s Message example, and gather your supplies. Then you’re ready to share this message in your church next Sunday!


I’ll Be Back!

OBJECT: None needed, but you could use a book such as “We’re Moving” published by the WeWrite Corporation or “Let’s Make a Move” by Beverly Roman. You can probably find a book at your public library or call a local moving company and see if they might have a free brochure or booklet.

EXCERPT: Has your family ever moved from one city to another? Sometimes, a move to a new city can be very difficult for a family. It can be especially hard for children. There have been many books written to help children adjust to moving to a new city.

This morning I want to tell you a story about a boy named Andrew. Andrew’s dad had a new job and the family was moving to a new city. Since it was so close to the end of the school year, it was decided that it would be better if Andrew stayed behind to finish the school year.

It was hard for Andrew to be left behind, but his father explained that they would go ahead and find a place for them to live and make sure that it was ready when it was time for him to join them. He told Andrew that there was nothing to worry about because he would be staying with some very good friends who would look after him and make sure that he had everything he needed.


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SOURCE: SERMONS 4 Kids – All Rights Reserved; Click on title to read entire sermon.

Always with Us

By  Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects: Pictures of umbrellas

EXCERPT: Umbrellas have been around for a long time – over 4,000 years, and at first were used mainly in hot countries to shade people from the sun. Early umbrellas were made from wood and paper and some were made of feathers.

In ancient times large umbrellas were held over kings to protect them from the sun and these umbrellas were very fancy, made from silk with tassels around the edge and a flower at the top.

Later, umbrellas were oiled as a way to make them waterproof and people in colder countries used umbrellas to protect themselves from rain. And, much later, a collapsible umbrella, made with steel ribs, was invented and that is the umbrella we use today.

So, umbrellas are used to protect us from the sun, like the umbrellas we see on the beach, or they are used to protect us from rain. The thing about an umbrella is that you must think ahead and remember to take an umbrella with you or you may be surprised and get caught in a rainstorm.


Sermon Writer: Children’s Sermons – All Rights Reserved | © 1997-2020 Richard Niell Donovan; Click on title to read entire sermon.

Peace I Leave with You

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects: “The Swing” by Robert Louis Stevenson

EXCERPT: “The Swing” is a poem, written a long ago by Robert Louis Stevenson and it describes the joy of swinging in a swing. It is a lovely poem; let’s read it now. (This activity is optional. See above for a link to the poem.)

Perhaps you have a swing set at your school or a swing in your own backyard. Is the swing tied to the branch of a big tree?

How wonderful to be able to swing, look up through green leaves and see the sky. Sometimes you can pump your legs and swing so high you are able to see far beyond what you can see from the ground. The best part, though, is just swinging. Going back and forth in a swing is a peaceful thing to do.

Most of us like that swinging motion. When you were a baby your parents probably cuddled and rocked you when you were fussy. A rocking movement seems to soothe us.


Sermon Writer: Children’s Sermons – All Rights Reserved | © 1997-2020 Richard Niell Donovan; Click on title to read entire sermon.

Dollar Store Children Sermon

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DOLLAR STORE CHILDREN’S SERMONS (7:18) -This video is presented by John Stevens, a Lutheran (ELCA) pastor.

TEXT: John 14:23-29, Acts 16:9-15

Dollar Store Item: “Helper” item – Jar Opener, Grabber, Scrubber. Or… nothing.

The Take Away: Jesus promises the Advocate who helps us love, and gives us peace. Or 2nd reading, we take a tour of the faithful.

rfour.org – GOSPEL

The Prodigal Son

By Nathanael Vissia

Objects suggested: Print out the picture at end of this .pdf or use fake money from Monopoly

Lesson is divided into FOUR PARTS: Ask, Tell, Share the Good News, and Closing Prayer


  • Hold up picture / fake dollar bill ] I have a question for you – can you tell me what this is? (a dollar bill)
  • That’s right – and what does a dollar bill do? (it buys things)
  • So if I bought something for a dollar – we’d say, “it’s worth a dollar,” right? (right)



  • I wanted us to talk about wasting money because in some ways that’s what today’s scripture story is about.
  • In the story that we heard Jesus tell in the scripture passage that was read today, there is a child, a son, who asks for a lot of his father’s money.
  • The father gives the child the money. The son then leaves home and wastes all of the money – just like I ripped up the dollar a few moments ago.



  • One of the reasons Jesus tells this story is because we often think like the son does.
  • We often think that things are just as important to God as we are.
  • We think God won’t be friends with us if we ripped up some of the things that that God gave us.




SOURCE: RFOUR.ORG– This material is the copyrighted property of rfour.org and Nathanael Vissia. It is also free. Please use, improve and share this material. But you may not sell it or require any personal information for it.
SERMON WRITER – 2nd Reading

New Beginnings

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects: Pictures of a snake shedding its skin

EXCERPT: Some of you may not like the idea of snakes, but let’s see if we can learn something from their behavior. Did you know that a snake sheds its skin? Some of you may have actually seen an old skin that a snake has left behind. It is usually all in one piece, in the shape of a snake, and looks dried out.

Snakes shed their skin because they need more room to grow and they may do this once a year or several times a year. It is similar to when you outgrow your clothes and need to get larger ones that fit better.

The snake starts a rip in its skin by rubbing against something rough and then it slips out of its skin in the way you pull off your stockings. Beneath the old skin is a beautiful new skin that will allow the snake to grow.

Sermon Writer: Children’s Sermons – All Rights Reserved | © 1997-2020 Richard Niell Donovan; Click on title to read entire sermon.

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