1st Sunday of Advent (A)

November 27, 2022


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Images from the Readings

The Liturgy Centre
Be on your guard!
Always be ready!
pound swords and spears into garden tools
it is time to wake up
live in the light

Making Connections

Loyola Press
Jesus predicts the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and warns his followers that persecution will come before the end time.


Younger children understand that some events require preparation. Discussing situations that we might have to prepare for can help children understand Jesus’ command that we prepare for the day of his return.

4, 5, and 6

There are things that we prepare for because they might happen. We install a smoke detector, for example, to warn us about a possible fire. There are other things we prepare for because we know that they will happen, such as studying for a test. Jesus says that our waiting and preparation for the Lord’s coming is more like the latter: we know that the Lord will come, even if we cannot know the precise time.


Young people at this age can be easily distracted. It is a challenge for them to pay attention for extended periods of time. In this Sunday’s Gospel reading, Jesus challenges us to remain vigilant—to pay close attention—so that we recognize his coming.


SOURCE: SDC Worksheets



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Advent! A fun Catholic reflection for kids based on the readings for the 1st week in Advent, cycle A.  This video is from 2019. For most recent videos click here.


Word Search Puzzle

SOURCE: Salford Diocese Office for Liturgy

First Sunday of Advent Resources

The readings for the 1st Sunday of Advent Year A speak of readiness for the coming of Jesus Christ. In the first reading we hear that God will establish His kingdom and we must be ready to walk in the light of God. In the second reading Paul warns us to be awake. In the gospel Jesus warns us not to be unprepared, as people were in the days of Noah. This is a time to prepare for our Lord to come into our hearts.

Reverse Advent Calendar

This year, consider participating in a reverse Advent Calendar. Rather than opening a window to take something each day, this Advent Calendar encourages giving.

Set Up an Advent Table

Now is the time to set up and Advent table in your home or youth ministry room. If at home, put it in your family room or another room your family uses every day. Use it as a focal point to remember to observe Advent.

The Advent Wreath

An Advent Wreath is another beautiful way to celebrate this season. See some tips and a printable scripture calendar here.

Make a Jesse Tree

A Jesse tree is a traditional Advent craft which shows the relationship of Jesus to famous people from the bible. Every day you read the story of somebody related to Jesus from the Bible and hang an ornament on the tree.




Be Prepared: Advent and the Second Coming of Christ

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Children’s Message: Be Prepared! The Meaning of Advent and Second Coming Excitement

Main Objective: Children understand the concept of waiting for a much-anticipated event, and they can certainly relate to the idea of being prepared…but they might not quite associate those things with Christmas or the coming of Jesus. This message aims to remind kids that Advent is not only about the initial coming found in the Incarnation, but also has to do with our awaiting the eventual return of Christ.

Law/Gospel Theme: We know that Jesus came to Earth, lived, and died, to take our sins away and grant us eternal life in Him. Because of that, we rejoice in the Advent of His birth, and eagerly anticipate His second coming.



Catholic Family Activities

  • As a family buy or create an Advent wreath. (You can create one using a foam ring and evergreen branches. Carve holes in the foam to fit four candles.) As you create or assemble it together, discuss the symbolism of the Advent wreath:
    • The circle reminds us of God’s everlasting presence among us.
    • The green of the evergreen symbolizes God’s promise of eternal life.
    • The four candles remind us of the weeks of preparation for the coming of Jesus.
    • The pink of the third candle is a sign of joy. It reminds us of the closeness of the Lord’s coming.
  • As a family, plan what you will do to be ready for the coming of Jesus. Ask each person to answer this question…
  • Make or buy an Advent calendar to help your family prepare for Christmas….
  • Plan a family meal for each week of Advent, where you light the Advent wreath…



Anxiety Over Christmas

by Larry Broding

Jesus is coming. But when? Just like a young child’s anxiety over Christmas, many people fret over the Second Coming. Most, however are so immune they ignore it altogether. As Christians, Jesus calls us to take a middle ground. Yes, we are to wait for him. But with patience. Yes, he will come in the most unexpected way and time. But that does not mean we should lose sleep over his coming.

Christmas season is upon us. Since the season is in its early stages, the attitude of patient waiting is appropriate. To encourage such an attitude, play the “St. Nicholas Waiting Game.” Buy inexpensive gifts or treats and wrap them in holiday paper. Announce that your family will open a few presents early this year but the time will be a surprise. Explain that your family members will have to wait for the unknown time. On Dec. 6, St. Nicholas Day, surprise your family with the gifts or treats. Use the opening as a way to discuss patient waiting. And the next time a family member becomes too anxious for Christmas, remind him or her of waiting for “St. Nicholas Day.”




SERMON: Making A Better World

By Dr. Carol J Miller

The world waited a long time for God’s special person. Now we celebrate the coming of the one who will teach us peace and show us how to have no more war!

Did you ever wonder what the world would be like if everything was the way God wants it to be? Let’s try this: think of something that would make the world better? What if there were no bullies? Would that it better? [Let the children may briefly explain their their answers. You might ask the congregation for ideas. List out loud all their ideas and yours].

In the Old Testament, the prophet Isaiah tells us some of God’s ideas for a better world. Because they’re God’s ideas they WILL happen. This is not God’s “Wish List”. This is God’s “It’s Gonna Happen List!” I’ll read part of God’s ideas—see if God mentions your idea:

Isaiah begins by saying that on some future day, God’s house will be on the tallest mountain of all. Listen to what happens then: “all the nations shall stream to it. Many peoples shall come…”all nations are going to come to God’s house, God’s temple. The whole world, every color and country of people, coming, walking together. Wow! That would be something to see!



SERMON: Seasons

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: A piece of blank paper for each child. If your custom is to keep them in church for the rest of the service, you might give them a pencil or crayon to draw a picture.

Today I want you to think about how you will greet Jesus when he comes again. 

This is a special season of the year. We call it Fall, because this is the time of year when the leaves fall from the trees. Fall is a beautiful time, because many leaves turn colors before they “fall” to the ground. Did anyone here notice leaves turning color this Fall? What were some of the colors that you saw? (Red, yellow, orange).

For the next few months, most of the trees won’t have any leaves. We’ll miss the leaves, won’t we! Trees are so pretty when they have leaves on their branches.

But in a few months, trees will start to grow new leaves. At first, those leaves will be small––hard to see. You will need to watch carefully or you won’t see them. But then the leaves will get larger––and larger. By summertime the trees will be full of leaves.



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