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Eastern Africa Dominican Friars Documentary

This is a video documentary for the Eastern Africa Dominican Friars produced June 2018. Dominicans is a Catholic religious congregation of both priests, brothers nuns and sisters. It was founded by St Dominic. This video documentation focuses on the Vicariate of Eastern Africa which is made of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Southern Sudan.


History of the Catholic Church in Kenya

The roots of the Catholic Church in Kenya can be traced to 1498, when Vasco da Gama erected a cross on the sea shore of Malindi. This was to be followed by a visit of St. Francis Xavier on his way to Goa in 1542. In 1593 the viceroy of Goa sent six Augustinian monks to Mombasa, three priests to the Lamu archipelago, and one priest to Zanzibar. Five years later the Augustinians reported 600 converts in Mombasa and a House of Mercy that cared for the sick, disabled, and orphaned was opened.

Don Bosco Catholic Mission Korr, Kenya

Don Bosco Catholic Mission, Korr, a mission in the North East of Kenya, is one of the first missions started by the Salesians of Don Bosco in East Africa. Nomadic pastoralists, who relied on their animals, found stability, education for their children and water with the arrival of Salesians. “An Oasis in the Desert” is a documentary that shows the journey of Korr Mission to be what it today. Made with interviews from the pioneers who were available at the time of making it, it tells us of the reality they found, struggle the pioneers faced, and the mission’s growth.

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Holy Ghost Cathedral Mass

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