2nd Sunday of Advent, Year C


John the Baptist (Art & Religion Video Series)

The road to the Kingdom of God

By Kevin Aldrich

Overview of
Doctrinal Homily

Catechism Themes

Kevin Aldrich

Written as an aid for homilists and a resource for the faithful, this doctrinal homily outline (1) provides insights into the Lectionary readings, (2) explicates a doctrine of Catholic Faith or morals from them, and (3) shows specific ways lay persons can live these truths.

Click on title to read everything from Kevin Aldrich.  What follows are only excerpts of Catechism themes you will find on his blog. 

First Reading

  • The Prophet Baruch describes the exiled Jews returning…
  • The Chosen People have been gathered…
  • God has prepared a level road back for them…
  • This is a very good return…
  • We Christians understand this splendid Jerusalem as…
  • We Christians understand the Chosen People are…
  • We Christians understand the road….

Responsorial Psalm

  • We human beings are made for all happiness…
  • We are now mostly in the going “forth weeping” stage…

Second Reading

  • Jesus is our road or way to salvation…
  • This reading is all about going forward…
  • Everyone who travels along a road needs energy…
  • Everyone on a road needs directions…
    • For us travelers, truth is the correspondence of our minds to reality…
    • A good philosopher would say that we must conform our desires…


  • John the Baptist is a prophet…
  • Luke writes as a historian…
  • All flesh shall see the salvation of God…
  • Because the end times are upon us…
  • One way to read John’s words about roadbuilding is…
  • To respond to this call from God…


Prayer for the coming of the Kingdom of God

  • Advent means…
  • We pray for the coming of the Kingdom…” (CCC 2632).
  • This is a petitionary prayer… (CCC 2632).
  • The Church collaborates in this mission of Christ and the Holy Spirit”… (CCC 2632)
  • When we petition God on behalf of another, that is intercessory prayer…(CCC 2636)
  • There is no one we cannot pray for… (CCC 2636).
  • As the Catechism puts it…
    • First we pray for the Kingdom…
    • Then we pray for what is necessary to welcome it…
    • Then we pray for what is necessary to cooperate with its coming…



  • When we are faced with dangers…
  • The opposite of vigilance…
  • What can make our hearts sleepy? …
  • Day by day, we can pursue…
    • Orderly work…
    • Moderation…
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FRANCISCAN FRIARS (10:44) – Fr. Daniel J. Mahan, S.T.L., pastor of St. John the Apostle Catholic Church in Bloomington, Indiana, and St. Jude the Apostle in Spencer covers the entire Catechism in 111 videos, giving an outline of the content along with clear easy to follow explanations. The series is based on the 2nd Edition of the Catechism.

This Sunday’s Catechism Themes

“The following paragraphs from the Catechism of the Catholic Church resonate with the biblical readings for this Sunday. They were chosen either because they cite or allude to the specific readings, or because they treat topics found in the readings.”  —Homiletic Directory

CCC 522, 711-716, 722: the prophets and the expectation of the Messiah
CCC 523, 717-720: the mission of John the Baptist
CCC 710: Israel’s exile foreshadowed the Passion
CCC 2532, 2636: Paul’s solicitude

Featured Excerpts

Catechism of the Catholic Church. Order Hard Copy of the text in English and in Spanish. Excerpts courtesy of the Catechism search tool at Catholic Cross Reference,  a Catholic blog run by Jeff Pinyan.
The prophets and the expectation of the Messiah

The prophets and the expectation of the Messiah

CCC 522, 711-716, 722


The mission of John the Baptist

The mission of John the Baptist

CCC 523, 717-720


Israel’s exile foreshadowed the Passion

Israel’s exile foreshadowed the Passion

CCC 710


Paul's Solicitude

Paul’s solicitude

CCC 2532, 2636


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St. John the Baptist


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John the Baptist, A Man for Advent

CATHOLIC NEWS SERVICE (2:37) – Father Michael G. Witczak, associate professor of liturgical studies and sacramental theology at The Catholic University of America, explains why John the Baptist is an important figure to consider while preparing for Christmas.

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Prepare the Way of the Lord

REDEEMED ONLINE (3:54) – Prepare the Way of the Lord featuring Sr. Magnificat Rose, SV. Thanks to Franciscan University for helping make this video series possible! Learn more about Franciscan at http://www.franciscan.edu

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What Role do the Saints Play in Advent?


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Episode 6 | Preaching | Saint John the Baptist

THE NATIONAL GALLERY (9:16) – John the Baptist returns from the wilderness to begin preaching in Jerusalem. His message is ‘Prepare ye the way of the Lord’. Art historian Jennifer Sliwka and theologian Ben Quash look at National Gallery masterpieces by Raphael, Mola and Parmigianino to discover how artists have translated the Baptist’s spoken word into paint and how his most recognisable gesture – the pointing finger – communicates his message. In this episode we discuss Raphael’s ‘Saint John the Baptist Preaching’, 1505, Pier Francesco Mola’s ‘Saint John the Baptist preaching in the Wilderness’, about 1640 and Parmigianino’s monumental ‘The Madonna and Child with Saints John the Baptist and Jerome’, 1526-7.

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St. John the Baptist and the Season of Advent

THE RELIGION TEACHER (4:48) – Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.” St. John the Baptist has a special significance in the New Testament, in the early Church, and especially during the season of Advent. What is important about John the Baptist? Why he is such a focal point during the season of Advent What lessons can we learn from him and meditate upon in the second and third weeks of Advent?

RCL Benziger

“Through the prophets you taught [us] to hope for salvation.”

This Sunday the promise of salvation, and therefore our hope, is given direction by the figure of John the Baptist. In the preface for Masses of John the Baptist, the Church addresses God, praying, “You chose John the Baptist from all the prophets to show the world its redeemer, the lamb of sacrifice.” (Roman Missal, Preface 61). John the Baptist directs us to the object of our longing. He points the way to our hope.

God’s promise of salvation, foretold by the prophets, forms our future in faith. In the preface for Advent I we pray to God, “when [Jesus] humbled himself to come among us. . . . he fulfilled the plan you formed long ago and opened for us the way. . . .Now we watch for the day, hoping the salvation promised us will be ours” (Roman Missal, Preface I for Advent). The message of salvation, impressed upon us by the prophets, makes us who we are this Advent, a people who watch for the day, hoping God’s promise will be ours.

SOURCE: RCL BENZIGER Classroom Sessions Year C (2018-2019)

Lesson Plans (PDF)

Lesson segments: Opening Prayer, Life Reflection, Listening to the Word of God, Scripture Discussion Starters, Scripture Background, Questions for Deeper Reflection, Doctrinal Discussion Starters, and the Gospel in Life

Primary Session
Intermediate Session
Junior High Session

SOURCE: RCL BENZIGER Classroom Sessions Year B (2017-2018)

Doctrinal Discussion Starters


  • During Advent how do you prepare for the coming of Jesus?
  • Who points the way to Jesus for you?
  • How can you announce the coming of Jesus to others?
  • Is it hard for you to wait until Christmas?
  • What helps you to watch and wait?
  • Do you look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus our savior?
  • What helps you to focus on Jesus during the season of Advent?

THE GOSPEL IN LIFE – Discuss with your family some ways that you can really get ready for the coming of Jesus.


  • What are some things that lead you off the path of goodness?
  • How can you avoid those things in order to make straight your path this season of Advent?
  • Where do you find hope this Advent season?
  • What can you do to help others find hope?
  • How are you preparing for the coming of Jesus this Advent?
  • What helps you to keep the focus on Jesus during the season of Advent?
  • How can you show your gratitude to God for the promise of salvation?

THE GOSPEL IN LIFE – Let the Christmas decorations you see this week fill you with gratitude and hope as you prepare for the coming of Jesus.

Junior High

  • How can you make straight your path this Advent season?
  • What can you do to help lead others to Christ?
  • Who can you turn to for guidance?
  • What can you do to prepare for the coming of Christ this Advent?
  • Who or what helps to point the way to Jesus for you?

THE GOSPEL IN LIFE – As we go through our daily lives we need reminders of who we are as people of God. John the Baptist reminds us to prepare the way for Jesus. Find a symbol from nature, a rock, a leaf, etc. and keep it during the season of Advent as a reminder to prepare for the coming of the Lord.

SOURCE: RCL BENZIGER Classroom Sessions Year B (2017-2018)

RCL Benziger

Textbook Series Correlations

Be My Disciples (PDF)

Blest Are We (PDF)


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