6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

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Fr. Andrew Ricci

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FEBRUARY 13, 2022 – Friends, when our heart belongs to anything in this world, we live in an empty and lifeless spiritual space. But when our heart belongs to the Lord, the rest of our life falls into right order around that center. Our readings this week raise a crucial question: To whom—or to what—does your heart belong?

Podcasts from the Word on Fire archives (2000-present) which pertain to this Sunday’s readings. 


A Salt and Empty Earth

I would like to focus on the brief but extremely powerful passage from the book of the prophet Jeremiah, which is our first reading for this weekend. It is taken from the seventeenth chapter of the prophet’s book, and the context is a fierce upbraiding that Jeremiah is giving for the idolatry of the people.

What we have here is the pithy formula, the simple program, that ought to govern our spiritual lives at the most fundamental level.


Whom Will You Trust?

Our life takes shape in relation to that which we are willing to trust. What then is worthy of our trust? Worldly powers can disappoint and will all ultimately fail us.

The Scriptures insist that we trust in the Lord’s promises, promises that are proved to be true through the Resurrection of Jesus from dead.


Where Do You Put Your Faith?

The readings for this weekend pose a blunt question: whom, finally, do you trust? “Trust” is meant here in an absolute sense. Where do you base your life? In God or in the things of this world?

How you answer that question determines pretty much everything else.


Blessed Detachment

Detachment is a key theme in the spiritual masters. It means that we must detach ourselves from all of those created goods–sex, money, power, pleasure–that are not our ultimate good. When we do this, we experience a spiritual freedom that actually enables us to enjoy those things more.

Luke’s version of the Beatitudes is, I submit, all about this detachment.

Fr. Andrew Ricci

Priest of Diocese of Superior, WI; Rector of Christ the King Cathedral, Pastor of St. Anthony Church in Superior, WI; St. Anthony in Lake Nebagamon, WI; and St. William in Foxboro, WI.

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